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Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose


Wondering wanderers reclaiming real wealth. + Wealth by ancient origin is happiness + wellbeing. + Anything is possible. Nothing is guaranteed.🌍

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Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 29, 2017

We are shape shifters. We have to be, drawing so many circles on the map from one type of nature to another. + Woods. Parking lot. Desert. Parking lot. Ocean. Parking lot. Mountains. Parking lot. Woods. + I wonder how many oil stained concrete patches we’ve lived in, how many exhaust perfumed lots we’ve loved in. I think maybe one million and at the same time they all seem like one continuous concrete ocean. + Van Lot Talk with strangers. Pee breaks. Yoga practice. Meal preparation. A night’s escapade in dreamland. Home is where we are is what we are learning. + Home is our presence to the sensory experience of being alive. + Feeling so grateful for experiential learning given the name vanlife. What do parking lots and cities teach YOU? What does home mean to you? + Post sponsored by 💧

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 28, 2017

GIVEAWAY! + One winner will receive 2 free 3-day event passes + camping for the entire weekend! + If you haven't already heard about the event, it's the 1st of it's kind! A 3-day adventure sports and outdoor innovation festival with a VanLife Village and VanLife workshop (offered by us, so excited!), hiking excursions, yoga workshops, an incredible speaker series, startup competition, outdoor films, food trucks, live music and so much more! It's taking place June 9-11th on the Columbia River Gorge in Hood River, Oregon and we’d love for you to join the fun! + To enter 1️⃣tell us about your all-time favorite adventure in nature... one already lived or being dreamed up 2️⃣tag two friends and 3️⃣follow ! + We’ll randomly choose a winner this week. 😍☀️️Photo from the archives...BC last year. 🏔

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 26, 2017

I choose vanlife to explore the riding zones this incredible continent offers. + On my bike I find flow state. With my attention only on the next few feet of trail, the chatter in my mind fades. Biking was never just transportation for me, but my art and even meditation. + Biking is an outlet for energy, a connection to friends and a way to experience immense beauty. Every time I get on my bike I can’t believe I get to have this much fun. + Our reasons for vanlife are diverse. I am curious, why do you choose vanlife? 🎸🎤 by 🙏

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 25, 2017

Food connects us to Earth. What we intake builds our bodies. We love creating meals that offer nourishment and sensory satisfaction. + With summer heating up, a cooling sardine salad is delicious. Sardines help reduce inflammation and nourish bones and brains. Plus sardines receive an A+ for vanlife storage functionality from Mr. Corey aka Van Spacial Wizard. + Add chopped cucumber, fennel bulb, red onion and avocado and dress it with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dill, salt and pepper. And the final ingredient is a handful of ’s organic BBQ chips for a little extra crunch and flavor burst. + What are you cooking up today?

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 25, 2017

It's a new moon right now 🌑, a new cycle, a new beginning. What we focus on grows and this moment I plant seeds of compassion, confidence, commitment, conversation, and clarity. 6 seeds and for the next month will focus on each one for five days at a time. What are you called to cultivate in your life right now? How do you water your seeds, your intentions?🌱

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 24, 2017

How do we find campsites? Locating home for the night is an art, a mix of local tips, serendipitous stumbles, logical plans, settling for Walmart, or intuitively stealth camping in the city. + We use the All Stays Camp & RV app and a paper atlas for the glorious times we are beyond service. + I’ve been traversing our photo archive. This moment I remember so vividly. + Pacific Northwest. Getting dark. Exhausted. Nowhere to sleep. The only option was to return to a State Park and no doubt be busted by a ranger. + Corey growled, something about this being why we need to plan better. + As the journey would have it, back in the parking lot we crossed paths with a young man. He offered some fresh snap peas and invited us to sleep on his property. That night, we shared stories and tea and I remember looking into his clear blue eyes and feeling like we were friends from long ago. + If there's one thing the wandering wise road has taught me, it's that there's no such thing as coincidence. There are too many so-called coincidences to be random. We are right where we need to be, always. Magic is always just a perspective shift away. + Join us at next month in Hood River, Oregon where we will be hosting a vanlife workshop diving into the nitty gritty and beauty of vanlife. Workshop is Saturday at 2 PM. 30% registration code MYOFFICE.

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 22, 2017

Work can be as simple as digging in the dirt. How refreshing it is to remember this. My contentment experienced after a day of gardening far exceeds contentment after a day of computer work. This body-mind is made to move. + My heels crack, a reminder of the summer season ahead, when green turns to brown. Tenacious mosquitos swarm the sky at sunset. A diamond back rattler drops into yoga practice uninvited. The locals say the plethora of rain has caused the mouse population to explode. And more mice signifies more rattlers. + It’s wild up here in the foothills. It’s wild and the less I wear, the more attuned I am to the subtleties of her sweet rhythms. When do you feel most connected to her cycles? 🌍And check out our new tiled shower floor! Corey made it yesterday. Now... how to make a tub... 😜

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 19, 2017

As a girl I knew my power. I saw how just being me could make others uncomfortable. Jealous. Angry. Beginning in middle school, girls hated me and boys liked me. Rather than courageously mending my relationship with girls, I identified with boys. + I actively escaped discomfort. Boys were no drama and liked to run around, get dirty, climb trees and play sports. When shame would bubble forth I avoided it with sugar, and later alcohol. Although I enjoyed life, staying focused on sports, academics and boys, my wild feminine nature was being repressed. + My instinct, intuition, knowing and creativity was slowly being stifled. And because I was in a sort of haze, a sleep state, I made decisions based on external factors. I went to college because I thought I had to, to be worthy, to fit in. I slaved away at a 9-5 only to make money. I sold out because I didn’t know any better and the physiological effects experienced were anxiety and depression. + Vanlife is a vehicle for personal transformation because of the time and space it affords to clearly see ourselves. And with clarity we burn society’s road map and draw our own. + For what it is worth, to all of the women here, I am sorry for not having the courage to connect with the feminine and for any hurt I may have triggered. It was never my intention. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. And to my few female friends over the years and loving mother, aunts and grandmothers, I am forever grateful for you. + Now, I recognize that part of my sharing on social media is a self-created challenge to embody the courageous vulnerability that I ran from for years. So thank you for being here and allowing me this opportunity. I hope you turn what we create into something positive for your life.

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 18, 2017

Intelligently designed movement is essential for living the dream. It supports self introspection by giving us clarity and willpower to simplify and understand our motivation so that we act in the best way possible to lead us down the path we envision. + From a deep seat of knowing we can locate the intersection of our passions, skill sets and a world need. + We all have something beautiful and unique to offer this world and when we allow ourselves time to explore and refocus, perception shifts from scarcity to abundance as we learn to move from our center. Work is transformed. We fulfill our role as agents of change. + We are forever grateful for recently immersing in a yoga teacher training with in Hawaii. Learning and practicing ancient teachings was a dream come true, and helped us connect some dots and remember what a wondrous elemental mystery this life is. + And... the sweet wanderers behind us are Kit and JR of ☀️️🚌💙🎹by

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

Let's get together! Save the dates! Saturday June 10th, Hood River, OR. We will be offering a vanlife workshop as part of the , a 3 day sports and outdoor innovation festival. We’ll be diving into planning a life on the road, from choosing and outfitting a van, to working, cooking, hygiene and so much more. And July 28-30th, Hobuck, Neah Bay, WA come to a community activation gathering. It's part of a documentary by called The Meaning of Vanlife and there will be surfing, hiking, yoga, indigenous storytelling, naturalist tours, vanlife raffle for charity and more. Registration is up on our website on the Gatherings page. Hope to connect with many of you in real life and celebrate summer. More info on both of these to come, just thought we'd share the dates. Live the dream. 🚐✨

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 16, 2017

Vanlife meets farmlife for us this year, as we periodically support our friends’ permaculture project. + In a way it’s getting back to our childhood roots. My mom is an organic gardener and Corey worked on an organic farm as a young lad. + The inability to grow our own food as we travel is perhaps the only thing we feel we are missing. Now, we get to experience the best of both worlds and earn a little extra cash too. + Our connection to Earth plays a significant role in our wellbeing and we are stoked to work with the elements to grow life. + Do you grow your own food? 🌱🍏🌶🍯🍎🍆🍓

Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose @wheresmyofficenow Instagram Photo / Video — May 15, 2017

We are excited to be partnering with UCO ( )! Vans are unique, like the humans that occupy them. Lighting concepts are no different. We’ve toured many vans and have experienced the full range of creative lighting solutions, from psychedelic flashing LED strips, to small puck lights, fluorescent fixtures and sometimes a minimalist headlamp. + For us, our goal has always been practicality. How can we maximize light while minimizing auxiliary battery draw and our efforts? + We wrote a blog post about the lighting system we’ve had for years and our experience with UCO's lanterns this past month. Link to post in bio. + What lights are you running in your van? If you're outfitting your van, transforming your current lighting system or looking for a camping lantern, we can offer you a discount code for UCO lanterns, available via our blog post this month.