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AKC. Bay Area πŸŒ‰ DOB 8.29.14 πŸ‘‘ Certified Diva & Fetch Enthusiast 🎾

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Blue Petunia Rodriguez @the_adventures_of_blue Instagram Photo / Video — May 12, 2017

My amazing bestie needs some help!! Any little bit counts! Love you Zoey and you'll get through this! πŸ’œ with ・・・ 🚨 Please Help 🚨 As you might have seen, Zoey hasn't been feeling well. I took her today to get blood taken, a spinal tap and an mri today. I will have more results within a few days. Praying for no infections. Link is in my bio! ❀ What I thought was a fluctuating patella bothering Zoey, turns out to be Encephalitis, inflammation of the brain. She has 2 lesions. Has lost her site in one of her eyes, has been falling over and walking/running into chairs and walls. She's been loosing her balance. She also has been tilting her head and curling her toes. The Dr took her off her pain pills and she is now on prednisone in hopes that this helps. ❀ I don't ask for help often, but one of Zoeys besties (who she misses dearly), Button and her mama, Sierra (who I miss too) has set up a youcaring account for Zoey! I really appreciate it. It means alot. I have to put my pride aside and ask for help, which is huge for me because it's not something I like to do. ❀ If anyone could help in any way, whether it's donating, sending positive thoughts and prayers πŸ™ or even sharing, it would mean the world to us! We love our IG friends. ❀ I would also like to thank Jessica, for going there with me. I'm not sure how I could have done it myself. Information overload. Plus you watching Madison. ❀ I love all our IG friends. We can't thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers that you have given us over the course of almost 2 weeks that this has been going on. But please continue to pray! Xoxox ❀️ Zoeys Mom, Melissa