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TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 12, 2017

Nectar launches ultrasound-equipped pour spouts to save bar owners money

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 10, 2017

Snap is getting absolutely crushed after falling short of Wall Street’s expectations market chat

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 9, 2017

Amazon has unveiled the new Echo Show, an Alexa-powered device with a 7 inch screen. The device will cost $229.99 and preorders begin May 9. echo

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 8, 2017

Instagram just launched mobile web sharing. Until now, users could could only browse, Like, follow, search, and see notifications on the stripped-down mobile web site and desktop site. There’s still no posting from the desktop site. But in March Instagram began adding sharing from mobile web, and the Explore tab is rolling out there now. The features missing on mobile web are video uploads, filters, Stories, and Direct Messaging.

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 8, 2017

TechCrunch Disrupt New York is right around the corner! We have an amazing lineup of speakers discussing a number of different hot topics. Visit to get your tickets today! conference

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 5, 2017

It’s time to kill the password — for everyone’s sake (picture credit: NED POTTER/FLICKR)

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 4, 2017

Do Facebook interns get paid more than you? In reflection of the 2017 recruiting season, Glassdoor took some time to analyze its anonymized salary data, producing a report of the highest-paying internships for 2017. We went ahead and pulled the tech companies from the list, and among large tech companies, Facebook leads the pack with an average salary of $8,000 per month for interns. Quickly converting that into a yearly salary yields $96,000.

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 4, 2017

Tesla’s Q1 revenue more than doubles year-over-year as Model 3 plan remains on track

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 2, 2017

Meet the Surface Laptop. Microsoft is hoping the new $999 Laptop will help the company recapture some of the market share it lost to Chromebooks.

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — May 1, 2017

V-Moda has been making audio hardware since 2004, but the Crossfade II is only their second over-ear Bluetooth pair. It maintains the staple traits of V-Moda audio gear: nice build quality, hexagonal ear cup design and a balanced, but deep and powerful sound profile. But it’s also weird: The black version seen here doesn’t support aptX — only the rose-gold version does. A quick refresher for you: aptX is a codec that significantly improves wireless sound quality, to the point where some picky audiophiles might choose hardware with it over that without it. In short, V-Moda might have a deal breaker, something more than a catch, which rests entirely on which color you choose.

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 28, 2017

Virtualities founder Ryan Burningham has a new idea for abandoned retail spaces — VR. VR theaters and arcades like Virtualities are starting to pop up in warehouses and other empty spaces around the U.S., including Burningham’s startup, located in what used to be a Hot Topic on the second floor of the Gateway Mall on Salt Lake City’s west side. Each monthly membership costs a one-time $30 fee plus $58.50 for the first person and an extra $40 for up to four other people you want to add to your group. Read the full story on

TechCrunch @techcrunch Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 28, 2017

Just what does Elon Musk’s Boring Company want to accomplish? This might be our clearest picture yet – this video includes a rendering of a future underground transit network where cars travel on crisscrossing layers of tunnels that include sleds shuttling vehicles around on rails at around 130 mph.