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Burst at the seams, Be what you dream. My studio = The Blue Ridge Mountains. Need photography work done? I travel for shoots too!

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Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 15, 2017

Leaving these two is never easy, I wish I could just sneak them on the plane with me. Next stop, The Grand Canyon!!

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 14, 2017

"I wanna ask all the questions with answers we'll never know. I wanna find my faith in records from long ago. I wanna set fear on fire and give dreaming a fair shot, And never give up whether anybody cares or not." -John Moreland I've got lots of time on the road coming up and I'm a huge fan of talented songwriters, share one or two of your favorites with me if you don't mind!

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 13, 2017

10 miles of dirtroad. 10 million stars and some of the best company around. It seems all the leaves are about gone now and I'm finished with my fall projects. I'm looking forward to some down time before it's onto the next big project!

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 10, 2017

A week from now I'll be heading to this magnificent place once again. This time with 6 students on my 2017 Grand Canyon workshop. I can not wait to see their faces when they see that magical blue water against those red canyon walls.

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 9, 2017

We head lower and lower in elevation with hopes of catching the last of the leaves. Part of me can't wait til they're gone so I can finally relax for awhile. Lord knows I need it. I've got movement in my fingers but my thumb still isn't giving me much. On the bright side I opened a beer with my toes yesterday :P

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 7, 2017

I'd trade this rain for more snow in a heartbeat :) how about y'all?

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 6, 2017

Thanks for the love friends, surgery seems to have went well. I'm in a lot of pain but keeping on the positive side. I've still got my legs so I can still get out and hike with my pups! It's my left hand (I'm a lefty) BUT my right is my shutter hand so once the pain goes down a bit I'll be trying to get out and capture some of that last bit of fall color!

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 2, 2017

Yesterday started out great, ended up not so great. My new sport I love so much bit back. I got my foot caught and fell weird in my backyard. Doc says I broke my wrist in about 13 places. Definitely the most painful thing ive experienced. They are putting me under for surgery soon. I hear I'm gonna wake up with some bling! Life has set backs, and bad times. I have learned that as shitty as you may feel in a rough patch, it's not going to last forever. Big big thanks to all the Staff at Haywood Regional for being so wonderful, and a bigger thanks to the amazing friends who came to visit. Fingers crossed this all goes well!

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 1, 2017

It was so wild to watch the ice and snow fade to fall.

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 31, 2017

Sunday night. We climbed and climbed, I thought about those twinkling city lights below us and how many people were warm in their beds, fast asleep. The wind was whipping and my legs were burning, we had to move quick and keep our body temps up. I focused on the wildness around us. We cheered at every trail sign we passed. We lit up when we climbed that final ridge, all the trees slowly disappeared and the forest canopy was replaced with a clear sky of stars. The wind became scary, frozen trees branches crashed around us, and giant old hemlocks creeked and cracked. We began to worry we may have missed a turn...I'll never forget how happy I was to see the tower shining in the moonlight, or how grateful we were to be out of the wind. It was below zero inside but we were home. It seemed like my eyes were closed for only a few seconds and the sun was rising. I could go on forever writing about everything I felt but it still wouldn't convey the wonderfulness of this trip. So this picture is for , I hope that when he looks at it, it takes him back. Surely one for the books.

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 28, 2017

Happy hour hikes, probably the greatest idea ever. Coming to a summit near you :P

Steve Yocom @steve_yocom Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 27, 2017

High-five if you made it to Friday and are ready for the weekend. Waterfalls and Halloween parties are on the menu this weekend :)