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Photographer & Writer | Seattle, WA Contact: [email protected]

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Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 22, 2017

Seasons come and go, but some things stay the same. Whether covered in snow, wildflowers, or fall colors, the Mount Rainier area is always so beautiful. Kicked off the new season today with this solo sunrise, excited for many more!

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 20, 2017

Desert trails by day, desert fires by night. Each day of riding in the Moab area last month ended with this scene – the crew around the fire ring sharing tunes, beverages, and laughs, as the stars grew ever brighter overhead. It seems as if life gets a little simpler in the desert, and I’m perfectly alright with that.

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

Leave-No-Trace Print Giveaway! 🌎 - If you're like me, you know of too many outdoor areas that are badly abused and littered ​by careless people. How about we change this? My friend and I are giving away prints to one lucky winner, all in the name of promoting​​ leave no trace and environmental responsibility. (For my print, swipe left to select one of my images you could win as a 20x30" metal print!) - How to enter: ​(​1) Get outside on a hike, backpack, trail run, nature stroll (whatever adventure you like) between now and July 4th. (2) On your adventure, clean up the area by bringing a garbage bag, picking up as much trash as you can, and packing​ it out! (3) After your clean-up mission, send Austin and myself a picture (through an Instagram direct message) of you after your hike with all the trash you cleaned up! (No cheating, it's bad karma.​) Bonus points if you do a post about it on your own social account (tag us in the photo) or tag your friends below to help spread the word about LNT! - We'll announce the winner on July 5th! Get out there and do some good for the environment and get two free prints shipped directly to your door​! Good luck!

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

​Yesterday's sunrise from high up in the alpine lakes wilderness, where winter still has a firm grasp on the landscape. Despite inclement weather, it was just the trip I needed, one to remind me of how much I love these mountains, the Cascade range. The alpine climbing season is just beginning here in the northwest. Excited to discover many new peaks!

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 17, 2017

Life moves pretty fast, especially if you're this guy. Pretty awesome to recently ride with pro athlete and see him in action doing what he does best - moving fast on two wheels and making it look easy. Fun times with and friends in beautiful Moab last month, can't wait to get back!

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 15, 2017

There are many ways to explore the Southwest desert, but only recently did I get the chance to explore it on mountain bike. By dirt road and single track, what a rush it was riding with my friends at and in the Moab area last month, fueling up with Clif’s new nut butter bars. Check out more on this desert adventure [link in profile].

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 15, 2017

One of my favorite places in the world. Excited to visit this wilderness again very soon. 🤘🏻

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 13, 2017

The first day of summer is almost one week away, can you believe it? Who's excited, and who's got big trip plans to kick off the season? Personally I've got two trips to kick off summer, one is overseas and one is local. Excited to share them with you guys soon ✌🏼

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 11, 2017

Mountain dreaming 🏔 - Hey Seattle friends: a reminder to join us for a free beer/cider and prize giveaways at The Woods tasting room (in SoDo) on Thurs, June 22nd 6-8pm (a 21+ event). It's an adventure meet and greet with my friends , and we'd love to see you there. Anyone and everyone is welcome! For details and to RSVP:

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 8, 2017

Reflecting on fun times recently had on this rugged coastline – what an incredible time meeting up and collaborating with so many like-minded people (all tagged above) all in the name of exploring art, photography, and the outdoors further. Looking forward to next time! And in the spirit of collaboration, here's an image my friend and I worked on together. I think I can still hear the water crashing over the rocks!

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 7, 2017

The road to Denali.

Scott Kranz @scott_kranz Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 6, 2017

There's no place like home. At the same time, I can't wait to get across the pond to Europe at least once or twice this year, as part of my journey to reach all Seven Continents in 2017. First will be Iceland later this month, my first ever visit. And I hope to follow up by visiting mainland Europe this fall. As always recommendations are welcome. The stoke is high! 🤘🏻