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Photographer @natgeo @natgeocreative based in Istanbul

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rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — May 16, 2017

I am giving a talk at Somerset House on Saturday, May 20 at 14:45 with Carolyn Drake moderated by William A. Ewing, please come, link in profile

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — May 3, 2017

Shot for the story on Akhenaten is finally out in May issue of the magazine, link in profile. Akhenaten, the pharaoh that ruled Egypt in 1300 BC and in his reign enforced worshiping of one god is considered the first revolutionary in human history. In order to establish new religious practices and fully abandon the old, Akhenaten moved his capital far into the desert, south of Minya. Mamdouh Abu Kelwa sails his felucca past the unfinished, pyramid-shaped, Aten Museum in Minya. Akhenaten needed only five years to build a new capital; the 25-acre museum complex has taken more than twice as long because of political and economic instability. Since the museum project began, Egypt has undergone a revolution and a coup, and two former presidents have been put on trial. creative

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 24, 2017

Córdoba, Spain. When a movie comes to your doorstep. et

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 3, 2017

Van, Turkey, view from the citadel.

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Mar 21, 2017

What an honor it was to photograph the brave activists of Egypt's April 6 movement for the magazine article Generation Jail

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Feb 18, 2017

Bye bye Cairo was nice to see you for just one day.

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Feb 3, 2017

Refugees huddled to keep warm in the fields of Idomeni, waiting to cross the Greek-Macedonian border in 2015.

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Feb 3, 2017

Current events in America take me back to the story I photographed for trailing Mahatma Gandhi's legacy in India. To this day, Gandhi's passive resistance campaigns continue to inspire non-violent protest movements both in his home country and around the world. Women walked the streets of Kodaikanal, wearing Khadi, traditional cotton dress. It was a peaceful procession to commemorate Gandhi's work towards gender equality. Tamil Nadu, India. creative

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Jan 26, 2017

Shared some thoughts with lightbox on working with film link in profile. This image was shot during the Russia Georgia war in Tshinvali, South Ossetia, August 16, 2008 photography isnotdead

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Dec 17, 2016

A week into A.A. Gill's passing, I can't stop thinking about him, our most amazing first story in Congo DRC, the most tragic and poignant moments we shared and the crazy laughs we had. The day he insisted we wake up at 5 a.m. to go photograph the church service and I was grumpy and complained a lot, but took one of my best photographs that morning, of this woman by the window. Everyone loved Adrian on that trip. A group of women from Dungu made a doll for him from scraps of fabric. It was so large, almost a life sized child, when the women made the doll, they realized they needed to stuff it with something to give it volume. They had nothing, so they stuffed it with their own clothes. As a result, the doll had a very realistic human smell. Adrian put the doll in his suitcase and it took up all the space: "We are smuggling a child out of Congo!" - he exclaimed. I miss him very much, one of the funniest people I've ever been on the road with, his non-PC sense of humor, his kindness, spontaneity and thirst for adventure. I will treasure the memories of the few trips we had, we plotted more, but his cancer got there first and took him away so swiftly. RIP A.A. Gill you are missed by so many!

rena effendi @renaeffendiphoto Instagram Photo / Video — Dec 14, 2016

"The Crossing Point" my work documenting refugees in Greece, Lebanon and Jordan on display at the Gary Nader Art Center at Miami Art Basel this month. Proceeds from print sales benefit the Radcliffe Foundation work with refugee shelters. welcome nrefugees