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I help you become a better photographer! Tips, Reviews & Inspiration ◪ Location: Seattle, WA ◪ Youtube Channel > Latest Video //

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Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 18, 2017

A few days ago on FB, I wrote "Watching the stars fade away and the eastern sky brighten. A camera quietly clicks away next to me. Not a bad way to start the morning." This was my vantage point that morning (see me?). I have never, not once, regretted getting up early and getting out - to photography or even to just enjoy. Captured with the and lens

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 16, 2017

Wrapping up three days of shooting with the the time with the new gear is appreciated. Thanks ! The gear time is nice but getting to hang with my peers!! A great bunch of smart and talented photographers and videographers, who also happen to be really nice people, is Awesome! and many more that I can't seem to find on instagram.

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 14, 2017

We started at sunrise, hot air ballooning above Sedona, AZ with the . I am working on my full review and will have answers to your questions - just let me know what you want to know in the comments below. And no, hot air ballooning isn't scary - it's smooth, stable and an amazing way to enjoy a sunrise. Thanks to Captured with the and JPEG wifi to phone, minor edits in

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 14, 2017

Do you have questions about the NEW Sony a7R III? Or the FE 24-105? I will be working with and filming my review of the new gear over the next few days and I would love to hear what you want to know about the camera or lens. You may want to take a moment to watch my early review - link in profile - to make sure your question isn't already answered. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, and questions. Thanks!

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 13, 2017

The contemplation of man and bird caught my eye. Last night in La Jolla, Ca on the last night of our family vacation. Captured with the which has impressed me with its speed and quality but I find myself missing the full manual control I had with the LGG5 series. How did your weekend go? Add a shot on the Monday Morning Share post on the Photorec Facebook page.

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 12, 2017

Under the Oceanside pier, on family vacation. Traveling very light today, just my and 60mm. 🌊

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 11, 2017

Trying my best to look like an advertisement for the YI camera ;) It's the only camera I brought along on this family vacation (except for my Pixel 2) and I impressed with the quality and it's just so small and light. Not as impressed with the AF which in challenging conditions struggles. More soon in my full review. learn more at

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 11, 2017

Green Anole hanging out in the Balboa Conservatory. He was a great model and let me snap a few photos. Captured with the

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 10, 2017

Oh, that thumbstick, focus point selector, nub, nipple - whatever you want to call it - I love the option. Makes the camera so much more usable. -

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 9, 2017

Slightly from the Sony event in October. Mechanical 10 fps allows for triggering flashes that fast too - here two Profoto lights freeze the action of -

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 9, 2017

Sunrise from Cadilac Mountain in Acadia National Park is a special thing to witness. spends a moment gazing at all the beauty on the last trip. Captured with the and the

Toby @photorectoby Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 8, 2017

a quick shot at 1/5 of a second on the train. Captured with the YI MI camera. Currently reviewing this extremely affordable camera learn more at m1