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Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 24, 2017

When the elevator doesn't reach your office, ascend. The ASCENSCION ascender is a product that is near and dear to Petzl. Our roots lie in caving, where ascenders are used to return to the surface. Many of our fans use tools like the ASCENSION to recreate on cliffs and mountains around the world, seeking something more from nature's inaccessible. But for s our equipment is what they use day in and day out for work. We're proud to make the Personal Protective Equipment and necessary tools to help technicians repair, construct, clean, and inspect the infrastructure our world depends on. Photo from

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 23, 2017

Feed slack to a leader, or take it in for a top-roper. The GRIGRI+ is the only belay device that allows you to adjust the tension of the assisted braking for maximized performance in each scenario.

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 22, 2017

Another impressive photo from 's explorations in Mexico, here we see James and Jason making their way back to "the light". Check out the profile link for the full story.

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 19, 2017

Think low gravity thoughts this weekend! member just posted this image with the caption, "Channeling for some inspiration as and I begin the process on 'Biographie'."

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 18, 2017

National Parks are pretty wild. from , in , of following pitch six of "Modern Guilt" 5.12.

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

Cave photographer is back after an epic double cave expedition to Mexico. His report is live in our profile link along with many more amazing photos from Cueva Cheve and Nita N'Tau. For more imagery from below the ground check out his profile.

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 16, 2017

Instagram Takeover - Final Day "I have been trying to send one of Squamish’s most iconic climbs, Dreamcatcher, for the past four years. During my first year of working the route I managed to get fairly close but was never able to link the crux from the ground. A few years have passed, a major surgery (lumbar spinal fusion), and becoming a father have made it difficult to get a lot of time on the route. Not to mention the unfavourable rainy weather we have been having of late. But It is still one of my main goals for this year. This photo was from a 6 am early morning session a few weeks ago. Photo

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 15, 2017

Takeover by member Day 4. Becoming a father was the most amazing thing that has every happened to me. Until you have kids you don't really understand how special it is. This photo was from a recent family trip to Joshua Tree. On this day Thomas, my son, climbed his first boulder! Such a proud moment. Here he is showing me the way to the next project. Photo by .

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 14, 2017

Takeover Day 3. Squamish is an amazing place to call home. We have world class bouldering, sport climbing, and of course the stellar multi pitch climbing on the Stawamus Chief! Here I am on a route called Gravity Bong, high up on the Prow Wall. This pitch starts with mid 5.12 thin fingers and then opens up into one of the best 5.9 hand cracks in Squamish. In recent years I have been very focused on sport climbing and bouldering but in my early climbing years I spent a lot of time plugging cams in the upper reaches of the chief. Photo by Nate Smith

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 13, 2017

Instagram Feature Day Two. "My life is extremely busy and finding spare time is sometimes hard. My wife and I both own and operate respective businesses, we have a one and a half year old son, and I climb a lot! Fitting in training can be a challenge and taking advantage of ever opportunity is the key to success. Having a good training partner is also helpful. Here Thomas, my son, keeps me on task." Photo by .

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 12, 2017

Hi, I am member and I am taking over the Petzl Instagram feed for a few days. I have been climbing for over 20 years and I call Squamish, Canada, home. Before my climbing career, I was an alpine ski racer and a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. One of my ski coaches introduced me to climbing way back in 1995 and it was instant love. Many years have passed but my passion and desire to climb still burns. I hope you enjoy my takeover. Here I am getting some air under my feet on Teenage Lobotomy, V6. Photo

Petzl @petzl_official Instagram Photo / Video — May 11, 2017

Making it look easy... member styles his way up Magie Blanche, 8b+. Photo: Philippe Poulet