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Co-founder of the non-profit @sea_legacy and photojournalist for National Geographic. @PaulNicklenGallery

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Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 21, 2017

I realize that this is more of a Facebook post but I could not be more proud of getting an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Victoria, BC last week. To be surrounded by beautiful First People’s art makes this post worthy of The hat is not the best look and would overheat my head at -40c let alone a warm auditorium but giving the commencement speech to the hard working graduating class of 2017 was truly an honour and one I will not forget. Another honour was to sit next to a woman of whom I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. Madam Chancellor, Shelagh Rogers (behind my right shoulder) has been inspiring us on the radio since the 80’s. She is a beautiful soul and her shows used to keep me company during the long polar days and nights when I was shooting in the field. Thank you for this recognition. I am humbled beyond words and there is so much work to do. Most of all, congratulations class of 2017.

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 20, 2017

For me, it is at this moment that I grab a couple of quick shots, sit down, put my camera away, lean back against a rock along the shoreline, put my hands behind my head and then soak it all in. Some of my best photographs have been taken with just my eyes.

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

One more for all of the fathers out there. I hope it was a lazy day as we need your tireless energy tomorrow as we have a planet to fix.

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 18, 2017

Thanks for stopping to pose, papa bear!!! As the king of your icy domain, may you be the proud father of many more polar bears in the future. For with granath all for

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there within all species. Just like this group of male narwhals I hope you are out reaching for the stars and dreaming big. Have a good one! lovers

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 18, 2017

I have seen thousands of Atlantic walrus but have never seen a set of tusks as large as the ones on this huge male. They must have been close to 3 feet long, which is more common for the larger Pacific walrus. Walrus have not been hunted in Svalbard, Norway since 1952. Before that, they were nearly driven to extinction from 350 years of hunting. Now, their population is doing well, but like that of polar bears, walrus rely on ice in order to survive in the Arctic. Ice is where they give birth to their pups, where they rest between clam feeding forays and where they socialize with other walrus.

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 17, 2017

Joseph Lin has been spending so many hours in the that I think he's beginning to look like some of my pictures.

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 15, 2017

Tomorrow morning I will be giving the commencement speech at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. I know that I never really earned it through proper channels but I am incredibly grateful that I will be receiving an Honorary Doctor of Science degree for my life’s work on climate change and ecosystems. I like to think that I have learned a few things on this journey of life and I cannot wait to talk about resilience, perseverance, passion and living a life with purpose. As with these emperor penguins, I am inspired by their leadership, taking a chance and picking themselves back up when they fall. What message would you have to a bunch of hard working undergrads?

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 14, 2017

After a long day of shooting underwater, I sit on our boat with beer in hand and nature once again slaps you in the face with her intensity and beauty as day turns to night. I give thanks for being immersed in all of the splendor and grandeur of this great planet. May we someday show her the respect that she deserves.

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 14, 2017

You know you are in the right position when a humpback whale lunge feeds towards you and you get a look right into its mouth. Look at the anchovies stuck in the baleen of the roof of its mouth. It is strange but my mind is full of all of the images I have missed and without these brief moments of time being recorded on my camera, they would slowly fade from my memory. lovers

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 13, 2017

- Hanging with sea lions, talking conservation, and enjoying a perfect pesto pasta dish (and I didn’t even have to melt snow to make it). Click the link in my bio to see my episode of with &

Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 9, 2017

Just minutes old, a newborn elephant seal pup opens its eyes for the first time and greets its new world of ice, snow and wind in South Georgia, Antarctica. At birth, an elephant seal weighs approximately 50 pounds but within 3 weeks, it may reach an astonishing 400 pounds from its mothers rich milk. She will then wean her pup and head back to sea to replenish her own depleted resources. On this , let’s celebrate all creatures in the sea and realize the fragility of our oceans and how we are all interconnected. Our oceans are the foundation of all life on Earth. Come celebrate the ocean this Saturday in at the 347 West Broadway. 3 pm to 8pm.