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NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 21, 2017

Wine country is also salmon country. Tour the only NOAA Habitat Focus Area in California and learn what people are doing to balance their competing needs for water and to bring back endangered salmon and threatened trout. This story map of the Russian River guides you through a 5-year plan to rebuild salmon and trout populations. Here in northern California, experts in weather forecasting, habitat restoration, and ocean management are working in tandem to improve forecasts and increase resiliency to flooding and drought. Browse the story map for the videos of weather extremes and steelhead trout. Learn how partners, representing wine grape agriculture and water conservation, are connecting with managers of fish and wildlife to address California’s many freshwater issues. This work demonstrates on-the-ground applications of the NOAA model for saving habitat and supporting communities. Check out the story map here: Learn more about the Russian River Habitat Focus Area:

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

Scientists at NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center are racing to breed enough white abalone in laboratories to save the endangered species in the wild. Read more in this article from The San Diego Union-Tribune: Link in bio. Credit: John Hyde/NOAA Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 16, 2017

Hey there little buddy and happy ! Thanks for tuning into . In case you missed it, check out our sea turtle features here: and get a glimpse of sea turtle research out in the field Photo: A captive-reared juvenile loggerhead sea turtle carrying a solar-powered satellite tag in the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Photo posted with permission. Credit: John McCord, UNC Coastal Studies Institute under a scientific research permit.

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 15, 2017

Week A close up of 'Rocket Girl,' a hawksbill sea turtle in the nearshore waters of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. She was fitted with a GPS-linked satellite tag in October 2015 which allows and our research partners to track her movements. The data gathered with the tag helps scientists understand more about how this small population of endangered hawksbill turtles use habitat and where they go during daytime foraging dives. This summer, the research team will recapture Rocket Girl and remove her tag. Check out more snapshots of sea turtle science here - Link in bio.

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 14, 2017

Check out this close up of a Pacific leatherback. Critically low populations of Pacific leatherback sea turtles have put them in the spotlight for increased aid and attention. These sea turtles suffer from many threats such as getting caught in fishing nets, over-harvesting of eggs and destruction of nests by animals. Find out what NOAA is doing and what you can do to help recover these endangered populations: Photo Credit: Scott Benson/NOAA Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 14, 2017

turtleweek Sea turtle biologists from NOAA and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have been monitoring loggerhead sea turtles in Florida Bay, FL for over 25 years. Connectivity and migration pathways between the Florida Bay foraging grounds and east and west coast Florida nesting beaches have been established through tagging, including satellite tagging of adult female loggerhead turtles. Photo Caption: A loggerhead sea turtle swims in the shallow waters of Florida Bay. Credit: NOAA/FFWCC under scientific research permit See more snapshots of turtle science here: Link in bio. bay

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 13, 2017

An endangered Pacific leatherback turtle with a video camera attached to its carapace by a suction cup approaches its prey, a brown sea nettle, off the coast of San Francisco, California in September 2016. These huge turtles migrate across the Pacific Ocean from western Pacific nesting beaches in Indonesia and Solomon Islands to forage on sea nettles in nearshore waters of California. See more photos from the field and learn more about sea turtle science:

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 12, 2017

Celebrate Sea Turtle Week with NOAA Fisheries! Sea Turtle Week is an opportunity to share with our friends, families, colleagues and our larger communities why it is important to conserve and recover sea turtles, as well as what we each can do to help preserve these magnificent marine reptiles. Learn how we work with various partners to improve the conservation and recovery of threatened and endangered sea turtles: Photo: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) near Oahu, Hawaii. Credit: Ali Bayless/NOAA/NMFS/PIFSC.

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 8, 2017

Ocean lovers, today is your day! June 8th is . Today and every day, celebrates the ocean and our work to conserve and protect the marine species that call it home. Throughout the entire month of June, NOAA is offering public events to help get people engaged in ocean science and conservation. Here's a roundup of five ways you can observe World Ocean Day with NOAA, Sea Grant, and our many partners at science centers and aquariums: Learn more about melon-headed whales: Photo: Melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra). Credit: Laura Morse/NOAA fisheries

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 7, 2017

Love to fish? It's ! Saltwater recreational fishing supports nearly 440,000 jobs and contributes to roughly $63 billion in sales impacts and $36 billion in gross domestic product each year. It's also a beloved pastime for many fishermen and their families and friends. Read our latest leadership message from National Recreational Fisheries Policy Advisor Russell Dunn. He talks about the importance of maintaining sustainable fisheries for generations to come: Link in bio. Photo: Recreational angler. Credit: Tom Sminkey/NOAA eries ermen

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — May 31, 2017

Sixteen loggerhead sea turtles were sampled and tagged during a May 15-19 cruise to the Mid-Atlantic area off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and offshore into the Gulf Stream. Learn more about this research effort: Link in bio. Photo: A tagged loggerhead heads back to sea. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Eric Matzen, NEFSC.

NOAA Fisheries @noaafisheries Instagram Photo / Video — May 24, 2017

From May 12 to June 4, 2017, the NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette is conducting a research expedition in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) to support research and recovery efforts for the endangered Hawaiian monk seal. Every year, biologists in NOAA's Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program monitor the status of monk seals at remote locations in the NWHI, highlighting threats and seeking new ways to help save individuals in an effort to recover the species. Read more: Photo: A monk seal sleeping on a beach in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Fisheries Photo Credit: Mark Sullivan/NOAA Fisheries.