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Welcome to the official Nikon USA Instagram account! Opt-in for a chance to have your photos shared here by using the hashtag #NikonNoFilter

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NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 21, 2017

Photo by Ambassador : “So this week I'll be sharing images from an exhibition I shot for at the booth at this year. I was to shoot for and feature 5x60inch prints shot with the D810. The files and prints were/are amazing! This was the very first shot I created with the 105mm f1.4 the first 105mm lens/focal length combined with f1.4 which is a world's first! I deliberately shot a dress and background that was conducive of showing the characteristics of the lens. I remember sending the file to the printer and he thought it was over softened in post production but it looked very much like the way you see it here due to the compression of the 105mm and the shallow depth of field. HMUA by and Model Photo with the Nikon D810, 105mm, f1.4, 1/500sec." NoFilter Love

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 20, 2017

For 100 years, has helped photographers tell powerful stories. To celebrate 100, we want to hear from you! Tell us about an iconic moment in your photography career in the comments below. (Photo by ) NoFilter Love

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 20, 2017

Celebrate by showing off your favorite shots, whether it's waning, waxing or a bright full moon! We'll be featuring some of our favorites from around the globe, so tag your photos with and let us know where you photographed the moon!

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 19, 2017

Wear your Nikon pride with a special edition t-shirt, designed for our 100th Anniversary! Dedicated Nikon fans will recognize the NIPPON KOGAKU logo, which adorned some of Nikon’s most iconic early products. Preorder yours at

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 18, 2017

Catching a moment like no other means journeying off the beaten track. With a 20.9MP sensor, 51-point AF, ISO 100 to 51200 and continuous shooting speed of 8 fps, the new Nikon D7500 keeps you primed to capture the most stunning shots.

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 17, 2017

Photo by of mammatus clouds over Pine Lake, Alberta. He said, “I have never seen so many instances of Mammatus clouds than I did last Sunday. At one point, near the village of Falun, we were completely 360° surrounded by them. Mammatus clouds form when cold air sinks down forming pockets, and are usually made of ice.” Photo with the FX Nikon D750 and NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8 prime lens.

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 14, 2017

shared this image featured in the Nikon exhibit at WPPI. He says, “The sun provided the hair/back light bounced off a white wall and provided a beautiful soft light illuminating her face.” Shot with the Nikon D810 and 70-200mm lens.

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 14, 2017

For 100 years, Nikon has created the cameras and lenses that help you tell stories that matter. Celebrate with limited edition posters of legendary Nikon gear: Only 100 of each poster will be printed, so preorder your piece of history today! 100 Photographer NoFilter Love

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 13, 2017

Looking for creative ways to photograph the upcoming ? Hear what is planning for this rare phenomenon! Leave a comment with the gear you plan to use!

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 11, 2017

Celebrate Nikon’s 100th Anniversary with special edition collectibles, including a premium leather messenger bag designed for your Nikon camera and NIKKOR lenses! Preorder yours at 100 Photographer NoFilter Love

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 11, 2017

Introducing the AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR, our first full-frame AF-P lens. A new, lightweight take on our popular full-frame telephoto zoom lens, this lens is packed with the latest Nikon technologies, including enhanced VR stabilization, to help you capture sharp photos and videos even in challenging light. Check out the latest addition to our NIKKOR lineup at! lens

NikonUSA @nikonusa Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 10, 2017

The perfect shot can appear out of nowhere. With the agile new Nikon D7500 you can capture all of the action. Share photos of the unexpected moments you and tag !