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Nature doesn't need us. We need nature. Outdoor | Adventure | Photography [email protected]

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Holly Johnson @missholldoll Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 23, 2017

In looking at this photo and trying to think of a correlating caption... I'm suddenly reminded that I have zero idea where that water bottle is at. 🤔 Hmmmm... 📷: . . . adventures

Holly Johnson @missholldoll Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 20, 2017

The highlands were my favorite... and when I return to Iceland that is where I would like to focus my attention. Even getting out there was an adventure! You can definitely get around Iceland without 4x4... but if you're anything like me, you're gonna want it. 📷: . . . adventures

Holly Johnson @missholldoll Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 15, 2017

Well Iceland... you've been amazing, but this hike was easily one of the highlights of the trip. and I met and on our third day, by chance, while finishing up lunch and we got to chatting... and a couple days later, we met up again and they took us out to this incredibly special place. . This trip was wonderful because we never really had a set agenda. Sure, we had an idea of some of the places we wanted to go and the things we wanted to see, but the best memories weren't created at those iconic Icelandic viewpoints that everyone has seen a thousand times. They happened when we chose to be spontaneous. I saw such a tiny fraction of what Iceland had to offer, but I definitely experienced enough to know that I want to come back and experience so much more. . . .

Holly Johnson @missholldoll Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 10, 2017

Iceland day 1: lost luggage, wrong turns, parking lot grass naps, found and delivered luggage (yay for ), hot springs, more wrong turns, this waterfall (which I most definitely cannot pronounce), followed by a 12:30am camp set up and dinner. We got a sweet ride with a tent camper on top from and now for day 2 we are heading to the highlands! . . .

Holly Johnson @missholldoll Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 8, 2017

As someone who spends a fair amount of time outdoors, it's shocking to learn that Americans spend an average of 95% of their time indoors! Join me, and together let's change that statistic. I'm happy to partner with to . . Post a photo of your best outdoor moment by June 30 with the hashtags and , and for each photo posted $5 (up to $50,000) will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Holly Johnson @missholldoll Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 7, 2017

I often get asked how I'm able to travel so much. Personally, I don't feel like I actually travel out of state all that often, but it's all relative. So, to briefly answer the above question... I utilize my weekends and vacation time to the best of my ability. And I also sometimes use sick days for "mental wellness" days and turn those into "mountain wellness" days - because to me, they are one in the same. I have an amazing boss, who understand me and my love for the outdoors... and I'm blessed to work for a company with a great vacation policy. And with all that said... I'm going to work from home this afternoon and finish packing for a pretty spontaneous trip to Iceland!! and I'll finally get to meet the very lovely ! 🤗 . . . onderland adventures