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Travel, Adventure and Lifestyle Photographer Business: [email protected]

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Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 17, 2017

No year is complete for me without at least one visit to the Southwest. Just stay away from April till October, that heat just ain't right πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 16, 2017

It's hot spring season again! I don't know about you, but hot springs in summer do not appeal to me at all. Getting out and freezing your nips off is all part of the fun πŸ˜‰

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 13, 2017

This is one of my favorite images of 2017 so far. It was extremely wet, and the heavy rain was making photography a real challenge... especially while trying to capture images from a distance with a remote shutter control. The lens would be covered in rain drops by time I got chance to clean it and get back into position for the shot. Luckily, after more than a few tries we managed to capture an image clean enough to use. I often find that it's those tricky images that end up being the ones I look back on most fondly.

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 11, 2017

After wrapping up the 59 National Parks Road-Trip, and I are in Australia for a week visiting family before flying back home to the US. It's going to take a bit of adjusting to go back to living in a house rather than a van... but we're excited to spread our roots somewhere a bit more long-term after not having a "home" for the last 16 months. Don't worry though, our adventures will be just as photogenic in 2018 πŸ˜‰πŸ€˜πŸ»

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 9, 2017

Some places have to be seen to be believed. I'm more of a mountain guy than an ocean guy, and I really need to be in the mood to put on the board shorts and get in for a swim... but this ocean trench in Samoa had me jumping in without hesitation 😍 On this occasion, beat me to it... πŸ™„

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 7, 2017

The freedom of the open road is one of my favorite things in the world... It always blows my mind how many amazing things you can see in such a short amount of time 🚐

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 6, 2017

We made it! Unbelievable. 59 National Parks, 23,000 miles driven, 39 states visited and a hell of a lot of fun had. put on an incredible trip and we hope you've enjoyed following along. We still have some guides for the last 10 National Parks to put up, so I'll be posting stories as we get them online for you to check out - stay tuned πŸ€™πŸ»In the meantime, check out the guide for Olympic National Park we put up recently at the link in my bio for some new images and useful info!

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 31, 2017

There's no such thing as a bad stopover in the Alabama Hills 🀀

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 22, 2017

Stormy evenings along the Going To The Sun Road. One of the most scenic drives in the US. What's your favorite stretch of road for scenery? I think for me it's got to be the Icefields Parkway 😍Something about those Canadian mountains always have me wanting to come back.

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 19, 2017

Can't believe we're up to the final 3 of the 59 National Parks road-trip. This image is from back in Glacier National Park in July... Crazy how fast it has all gone. Time flies when you're having fun (and don't have a spare second to think much). Our friends at Evolve are getting their protein shakes in most Whole Foods starting up in the next couple weeks. If you haven't tried them yet, now is the time! The perfect road-trip snack/meal supplement ✌🏻

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Sep 28, 2017

One of the more surprising stops on the National Parks Road-Trip recently was Lassen Volcanic NP. We first visited this park 5 years ago, but it was early in the season and accessibility was limited. This time we had a chance to hit the trails and really explore this incredibly underrated place. If you're ever in the area, stop by for a day or two, you won't regret it πŸ€™πŸ» Renee and I have just put up a new guide (Wrangell St Elias NP in Alaska) at the link in my bio, check it out! 🀘🏻

Matthew Hahnel @matthewhahnel Instagram Photo / Video — Sep 21, 2017

This stop at Redwood National Park on the Road-Trip was our second time there, and it won't be our last. There's a special kind of magic you feel when walking amongst some of the largest trees in the world. If you haven't already, check the link in my bio for our latest guides to Lake Clark and Katmai NP ✌🏻