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Yoga is on the mat. It's off the mat. It's everywhere. How does it show up in your life? #thisisyoga Snapchat + Spotify + Apple Music: lululemon

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lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — May 4, 2017

A revolutionary new piece that moves with you, not against you. The Enlite Bra is made with our new Ultralu™ fabric that has a soft hand-feel and powerful, sweat-wicking support for a truly original sensation. Paired with free cut edges to streamline the unique design and reduce chafing—this long-awaited bra defines high-performance comfort. Swipe left to see more—tap link in bio to learn more.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — May 2, 2017

Don't restrict movement, embrace it. With Ultralu™ fabric and 360 degrees of streamlined support, experience movement like never before. The Enlite Bra defies the status quo proving you really can have it all. High performance comfort is finally here. Learn more in our Story.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 30, 2017

With gratitude for all that moms do. Show her some love with a gift this Mother's Day—see more in our Story.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 28, 2017

“This has truly been an unforgettable experience with my growing lululemon ohana. I spent the week surrounded by 100 other yogis, athletes, and coaches—ultimately all leaders and educators of their craft and sharers of their passion. I cried and danced and meditated and laughed and everything in between with total strangers who became sisters and brothers in a matter of days. And I saw that they are all leaders, not because they run fast or can put a foot behind their head, but because they’ve learned to get real, listen to an inner compass, face the fear, and live the life they love. My heart is full and soul inspired. To all of you who were with me, I can’t thank you enough for re-igniting my fire.” — at our Ambassador Summit.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 26, 2017

Invite the energy of spring to your mat—add pastel layers to your flow with the Anew Bra and Anew Singlet. Check out our Story for a closer look.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 25, 2017

We're redefining high-performance comfort. Find out what's coming your way in our Story. on May 2nd.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 23, 2017

"Meditation is the practice of tuning inward and creating space between all of our thoughts so we can listen to our true self—guiding us to make choices that support our higher purpose."—Director of Mindfulness Do you have a meditation practice? Get inspired with four blogs in our Story.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

There’s something in the air. With every breath, it nourishes us. With every exhale, it rejuvenates us. When we’re out in nature, we feel most alive. How are you spending Earth Day?

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

Go ahead, chase that high. Pictured: Cadence Crusher Tight (her), Surge Short 7" + Surge Light 3/4 Tight (him).

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 21, 2017

It's only natural—Pima Cotton fibres are long and silky, which give this naturally breathable fabric a super-soft finish. See more Pima tops in our Story and get ready for beach days that are right around the corner.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 19, 2017

Don't hold back—set the tone for your summer practice in new colourful gear. See more in our Story. Pictured: Free To Be Zen Bra + Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight.

lululemon @lululemon Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 18, 2017

This weekend we rounded up 80 of the most inspiring runners to stay with us at to get in some pre-shake out runs, fuel and inspiration before the The goal was simple—to sweat, connect and run their best Boston yet. Congrats to all those who put in the hard work on the course today—now it’s time to celebrate. Get a closer look at the journey to the finish line in our Story.