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For over 40 years, we've been helping travellers explore and enjoy the world. Photos by LP staff/authors on the road. #lonelyplanet for your travels.

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Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 25, 2017

writer, , is on the road in . He's currently exploring the Eastern Shore of , where he took this shot of the village of .

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 24, 2017

writer, , is currently on assignment exploring . He took this great snap of the domes of the in .

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 23, 2017

'Paris is always great place to visit any time of year, but it is especially beautiful in early spring when everything is in bloom and the summer crowds have yet to arrive. It is of course a city of amazing museums, incredible architecture and delicious restaurants, but my favourite thing to do in is to just walking through the neighbourhoods and soak up the culture. I all over the world, but I always find myself returning to Paris.' And that's all for this from member Keep up with Jon's adventures by following his feed.

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 23, 2017

'To truly appreciate the medieval fortress of Cité de Carcassonne in southern , you have to picture it from above. While exploring behind the walls of this World Heritage site, you get a good feel for what life was like in this medieval fiefdom. In the evenings tables are brought to cobblestoned streets where Carcassonne’s most famous dish, the hearty cassoulet, is served.' - ,

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

'To me, no trip to is complete without spending some time exploring the small town markets. It isn’t just the sights, but the sounds of musicians, the aroma of fresh baked bread and the general feel of goodness that comes from remembering how special it is to take life slowly and with care.' - ,

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

'Le Mont-Saint-Michel is a tiny island off the coast of , . It is made famous by the 8th Century monastery that dominates the landscape. The construction of this well preserved town, only recently made accessible during high tides, well demonstrates life during the feudal time during which it is constructed.' - ,

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 21, 2017

This weekend's is from who will be sharing some shots from his recent road trip through en route to Portugal. 'In 2011 I took early retirement to see the world, peruse my dreams of becoming writer/photographer and, most of all, to have some adventures. Even though I travel all corners of the world, I find myself returning again and again to France. When I am not travelling I live in various 'bases' around the world. I am currently living with my partner, Sarah, in a tiny seaside village in central Portugal.' Stay tuned this weekend for more!

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 21, 2017

This week's is from who snapped the lucious English landscape in Yorkshire . With a population as big as Scotland's and an area half the size of Belgium, is almost a country in itself. It has its own flag, its own dialect and its own celebration, Yorkshire Day -- Every Friday we regram a . Tag your best shots for a potential feature. Happy travels!

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 20, 2017

Lonely Planet Destination Editor and resident hop head from our London office is up in today at - one of the breweries featured in our new book. It features over 30 breweries and taprooms you can drink at and experience the local vibe through, from Namibia to North America, and Belgium to Bratislava. To celebrate the launch, we've teamed up with and (from across in 🇺🇸 and also in the book) to brew our own limited run of beer with ingredients from 5 continents! For a behind the scenes look of the brew process and the video we're shooting today (you can see the mic'ing up process above), follow along via our Instagram Story. Or for more about the book click the link in our bio 🍺

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 20, 2017

This week's is from who's off to for the first time. Where should she visit? -- Every Thursday we regram a . Tag yours for a potential feature. Happy travels!

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 19, 2017

developer is currently in at , one of the world's largest flower gardens. It's looking particularly vibrant this time of year 🌷

Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 18, 2017

Destination Editor, , was recently out exploring 's South Island. This is where she snapped this stunning photo of , a ravishing ravine with unbelievably turquoise waters coloured by glacial 'flour'.


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