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🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 21, 2017

What does it mean to be a sustainable music festival? Check out this great video from our time at Telluride Bluegrass Festival hosted by , link in bio

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 21, 2017

Summer is officially here! Whether you’re going camping in the backcountry or just planning on a few extra sunny dog walks we want to hear what you’re looking forward to most this summer

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 20, 2017

Dragonflies can spend up to seven years in their aquatic larval stage before coming out of the water and hanging from sticks or reeds while they emerge. During this critical stage of their life cycle they are very vulnerable to disturbance and predators. This newly emerged dragonfly spent almost an hour drying it’s wings before flying off to hunt. What is the coolest insect sighting that you’ve had recently?

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

We fell asleep to the stars overhead and woke with the rising desert sun. Protecting the places we play ensures that we will have them to enjoy for ourselves and for future generations to come. Have a great Monday! 🤗

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

Working with kids this summer? We've got tons of FREE resources to help incorporate Leave No Trace into everyday outdoor play. Check out

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 16, 2017

It's nice to stop and see the trailside flowers, but leaving them for others to find gives those folks that same "wow" that you experienced. This is Dame's Rocket, which can be found in all but nine US states. What's your favorite midsummer bloom?

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 14, 2017

When walking off trail in pristine environments it is best to disperse your use. By doing so we can avoid creating undesignated trails.

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 12, 2017

We recently visited Ely, Minnesota, the gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The BWCA is world-famous for its pristine waters. Have you been anywhere lately that has inspired you to Leave No Trace?

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 9, 2017

Junaid of Team East Central had some help pulling this whopper out of the Sheyenne River! What’s the most interesting piece of trash you’ve ever picked up?

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 8, 2017

Which view do you like better? Building cairns, or rock piles, has grown in popularity over the past few years and while we love seeing people engage with the outdoors we wonder - does this ultimately impact the experience of others? Not to mention, rocks provide shade and habitat for lots of insects and critters. What do you think? Build and then take down? Avoid this behavior all together? Cairns are awesome, let them be?

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 7, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Leave No Trace hosted a river cleanup in Denver. With a total of over 75 volunteers we covered 12 miles and collected 2,250 gallons of trash along the river! Thanks to everyone involved, we're always excited to 📸

🍃Leave No Trace🍃 @leavenotracecenter Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 6, 2017

Taking in the sites in Acadia National Park, a Leave No Trace Gold Standard Site. To find out more about Gold Standard Sites near you visit our website at