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Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 25, 2017

When Elisa Detrez, one-half of , says hers is the best job in the world, she means it literally. Description? Stargazing in Jordan, swinging in hammocks over sugar-white sand in the Bahamas, exploring the Technicolor markets of India, heli-skiing in a Swiss snow globe. Requirements? “Being curious, open-minded and adaptable,” says Elisa, a 32-year-old former web marketer from France, who snagged the job of her dreams in a 2013 contest. Out of the thousands of applicants competing for one of seven “Best Jobs in the World” with Tourism Australia, Elisa won — she and her partner Max Coquard were assigned to live and travel around Queensland and write a blog for six months. When the adventure ended, neither wanted to go home. “Everyone kept asking us how we could possibly return to a ‘normal life,’” says Elisa, who today with Max, shares tips and details from travels around the globe. “We realized this could be our new life.” 🌏 Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 25, 2017

In Victoria, Australia, Sunny ( ) ventures out to explore the mysterious, foggy forest. 💨 Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 25, 2017

Slowly but surely, greenery takes back control in Artem Rozhnov’s ( ) submission. 🌿 Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 24, 2017

Mother Nature dazzles as the northern lights dance across the sky, illuminating the jagged peaks of Norway’s second-largest island. Follow along to see more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project. Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 23, 2017

The highly anticipated matchups between soccer clubs Real Madrid ( ) and FC Barcelona ( ) are so hotly contested, they are given their own name: El Clásico. Watch our Instagram story now to see how the Real Madrid players get ready for the big game. ⚽️

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 23, 2017

A herd of goats race the setting sun in Madurai, India. Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 23, 2017

Golden braids match golden cornfields in Veracruz, Mexico 🌽 Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

After 25 years of work, one of the greatest wilderness conservation success stories in history came to fruition — and photographer Jimmy Chin ( ) was there to document it. Tompkins Conservation, a wilderness protection organization founded by Kris Tompkins and the late Doug Tompkins, made the largest private-to-public land donation in history. The one million acres (405,000 hectares) of land donated by the Tompkins, along with the 10 million (4,050,00 hectares) pledged by the Chilean government, will create five new national parks and expand three others in Chile. “It’s incredibly beautiful terrain and landscapes — coastline, rainforest, glaciated mountains,” says Jimmy, who spent time exploring the vast, now-protected land during the official signing of the agreement between Kris and Chilean president Michelle Bachelet in March. “Kris and Doug were so passionate about this land and understood its value — not for utilitarian, human needs, but its inherent value to exist on this planet,” says Jimmy. “Humans are so anthropocentric; we think about how things fulfill our needs. But wilderness is above that. It’s beyond us.” 🌎 Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

Photographer Ragnhild Vaaler Furulund ( ) found the perfect curtain to filter the morning light in Norway. Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

Passersby stop to watch a dramatic storm roll in off the coast of Itamaracá Island in Brazil. Photo by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 22, 2017

A good splash in the suburbs stars in our OfTheWeek . On a rainy day in New York City, photo editor Kruti Kothari ( ) ventured to New Jersey to visit with a friend over a cup of coffee. “The sun came out just before sunset and gave everything new life. All the kids were running out of their houses with a sense of freedom after a long day at home,” says Kruti. “Adulthood is so much about issues that we forget to lose ourselves in simple joy.” Add OfTheWeek to your next Boomerang’s caption — yours might show up here on by

Instagram @instagram Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 21, 2017

Weekend Hashtag Project: Our planet is a timeless source of discovery, wonder and inspiration. This weekend, let’s celebrate Earth’s beauty. Here are a few tips to get you started: Spend time in a majestic landscape. Mountains, beaches, plains, forests — our land is diverse and grand, and it would take lifetimes to experience it all. How much can you capture within the frame of one photograph or video? Look for action and movement within the larger scene. Focus on the smaller details. Our planet may be vast, but there are millions of tiny, beautiful moments playing out in front of us every day: a blooming flower pushing through the cracks in the sidewalk, a trickle of water feeding a small pool in the forest or a tree swaying gently in the breeze. Keep an eye out for how nature weaves its way into man-made scenes. City and country alike have their own elements of natural beauty. PROJECT RULES: Please add the hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Featured photo by


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