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Louisiana based Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger [email protected] | Shop my Instagram 👉🏼

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Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 22, 2017

Restock Alert! My tassel earrings are finally back in hot pink again along with more fab colors for summer! I love how they're so lightweight and they pair perfectly with all of my colorful dresses & tops! 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 21, 2017

Happy ! Today, I was excited to start checking off tasks on my mile long to-do list when I was suddenly cursed with a migraine! It was terrible because the Excedrin wasn't working like it normally does! Do any of you suffer from migraines? If so, what are some of your remedies? 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 20, 2017

Ciao Italy🇮🇹 & Greece🇬🇷! You were amazing, but it feels so good to be sleeping in my bed at home again! If you've been eager to hear more details about my trip, get ready because I'll be sharing recap travel posts for the next two weeks! Just make sure to comment with your questions below so I can make sure to answer them in my blog posts! 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

I wore a lot of dresses over the past 18 days, but this one was among my favorites that I wore in Croatia! In fact, I'm currently purchasing another one in a different print because I love it that much! Give me all the floral midi & maxi dresses!! Which dress did you love most from my trip? Find everything linked with ! 📷 by | hair by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 19, 2017

After 18 days of traveling through Italy🇮🇹 & Greece🇬🇷 with my entire family, I think Blake & I are officially ready to come home! P.S. Have you ever flown in a fighter jet while dodging enemies left and right and then the plane✈️ suddenly turned into the tower of terror all while a 2-year-old repeatedly screamed the word no? Because that's the type of flight we just experienced! 😂 P.P.S My dress is on major sale & still available in all sizes! Find it linked with 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 18, 2017

When you finally get around to wearing that statement skirt you've had hanging in your closet for months!! 🙌 I'm obsessed with all the embroidered details! For size reference, I'm wearing the medium! Oh & it just so happens to be under $50!

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 17, 2017

Happy Saturday! I'm currently enjoying the last day at sea before heading back to Venice. This morning we got up at 6:30 am to explore Croatia! We climbed the stairs of "king's landing" and walked the walls of the whole city! The view from the top was stunning! Check it out on my insta stories! Find all of my swimwear details linked with minus my coverup from & my beaded bracelets by ! 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 17, 2017

After visiting a few different islands in Greece, I've narrowed it down to my 2 faves and I'm sure you could guess which ones they are... Mykonos & Santorini! However, before I tell you which island I liked more, I want to hear what you think! Which island do you prefer? The darling city of Santorini or the party town of Mykonos?! 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 16, 2017

So many of you asked where this tie front top was from on my Instagram stories the other day so I'm linking it here with P.S. I have worn these sandals almost everyday of this entire trip because they are so so comfortable! They're cushiony with grips on the bottom so they're great for walking long distances, which we did a lot of! Plus they're super flattering on and have the cutest gold embellishments! I linked to those as well!

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 16, 2017

We're stilling cruising⛴ through the Mediterranean, but I'm finally starting to work on my Italy🇮🇹🍝 recap posts including our private villa in Tuscany and I want to make sure I answer all of your questions so please make sure to comment below! P.S. Funny story about this photo: It was actually taken moments before Blake proposed💍 He kept trying to get me to wrap up this little picnic photo shoot so he could ask me before the sunset🌅, but then my whole family thought it would be funny to crash me & Krystal's shoot! Before we knew it everyone was covering the blanket doing silly things with all of our props & drinking the bottles of 🍷 They had no idea that Blake had an agenda💍! 😂 Finally he convinced me to get up and take a "sunset photo" with him and that's when got down on one knee! 📷 by

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 16, 2017

Today we visited Paradise Beach in Mykonos and I got to try Moussaka for the first time! It was soo delicious! Speaking of firsts, this was also my first nude beach experience, but don't worry! We did NOT participate! However, the old man on the rock across from us made sure to participate extra for us...😳 He was doing all kinds of weird things up there in his birthday suit. I believe I even saw him do a spread eagle at one point! 😂 P.S. My ✈️ hat is by !

Jennifer Palpallatoc @hauteofftherack Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 15, 2017

Don't get me wrong...the cruise⛴ life is grand! I have all the hotdogs🌭 fries🍟 and ice cream🍦 I could want (yea, I like hot dogs... don't judge me), but I'm definitely missing our private, peaceful pool💦 in the hills of Tuscany! 📷 by