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#Dysturb are a community of freelance photojournalists who place current international photojournalism in public spaces.

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Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 24, 2017

Have you seen our latest exhibition, titled , in ? Curated by , and housed in 's , this exhibition focuses on the untold stories of those faced with . Pictured is 's images from "The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace," which included a segment. Image captions from left to right: Pictured (left) is a portrait of Andrew Fioga, 50, wearing long strands of shell money given to his family by the family of those who kidnapped, tortured and killed his father during 'The Tensions', a period of between from two ethnic groups that gripped the Islands from 1998 - 2003. money is a traditional medium of exchange, made from cowrie shells. The strands Andrew wears were traded as part of the traditional reconciliation ceremony held after recovering his father's body in 2010, a decade after he was buried alive. 29 March, 2016. Pictured right is nine-year-old Islander Evangaliza and a young friend play by the nearby their village close to the capital, . In Solomon Islands, 87% of children complete primary school, but just 18.9% of the population have a . It has been 14 years since an -led intervention brought peace to the Solomon Islands. Yet, families are still feeling the aftermath. Evangaliza first attended primary school the same week this image was made, as a nine-year-old. Due to the cost of school fees - $50 Solomon Island dollars per semester ($6.40 USD) - she stayed at home until her aunt agreed to pay for her first term. 28 March, 2016. Photo: ____________________________

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

We're looking forward to tonight's event at , and we'd like to give a special shout out to for curating the show and to for their time to help make this event happen! If you're in , be sure to stop by Prism to see the large format paste-up of 's image of in . The caption: Cisarua, Bogor, West Java. June 13, . Abulfazal Muhamadi, 10, and his sister Haniya have both been in Indonesia for 8 months after their family fled . They say they have been living there as refugees for over 30 years. As Hazaras are originally from Afghanistan, their family was deported when their father was caught working illegally and sent back to Afghanistan. Their grandfather and uncle had been killed after being sent back to Afghanistan previously, so their parents borrowed money to pay a smuggler to get them to Indonesia with the hopes of boarding a boat to Australia. They learned of the Operation Sovereign Borders "stop the boats" legislation when they reached Malaysia. With a zero tolerance approach, this operation allows the Australian government to turn back boats arriving in Australian waters and controversially resettle asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea. Photo: /

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

moment on location in ! looks on as adds the finishing touches to the installation of his image on the corner of Scott St & Thomas St! The caption of 's image: , , . January 01, 2013. Majid rests after a friendly soccer match. Many asylum seekers, like Majid, sleep during the day and wake up at night, spending their time in limbo waiting as they wait for visas that will aid them in obtaining work or an education. Majid told Barat his story: He was born as a refugee and grew up in Iran. His father returned to Afghanistan in 2002, but was kidnapped by the Taliban and went missing. His eldest brother was then deported from Iran to Afghanistan and was killed. Video: ______________________________________

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 16, 2017

Tonight is the grand opening of , held in conjunction with / ! It kicks off at 6 pm in – for more details, check the link in the bio πŸ‘†πŸ½ Big thanks to our curator and to & all the contributing photogs! One of the images included in the exhibition is 's of an camp in , , . A girl sits in an IDP (internally displaced people) camp. The divisions between the majority and minority in Sri Lanka have led to a that has claimed tens of thousands of deaths and IDP. The term IDP has created an identity for many civilians in Sri Lanka and has become a way of life. IDP is used for the individuals or groups of people who have been forced to flee their homes to escape armed conflict or a , and Sri Lanka has experienced both. The 2004 tsunami displaced about a half a million people, though, the numbers have since decreased due to the rebuilding efforts. In 2006 the Sri Lankan government started military operations to capture the Tamil Tiger stronghold of , in the east. This provoked another major influx of refugees. Photo:

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 16, 2017

Yesterday, we visited to help students install 's ( ) image of two women at the -controlled border in . The caption of this image: City, Palestine. June 1, 2016. Sally, 18, waits with her mother at the Egyptian-controlled border at Rafah, hoping her name will be announced. She has been accepted to study medicine in . Her visa to Germany was approved, but after her travel permit from was refused three times, her father managed to add her name to a list to travel through . On this day, she packed her belongings and went to the border to wait with her parents and siblings, unsure if she’d be able to cross. β€œThe Rafah border opens usually for a few days a year. Many people flock there, desperate to leave,” she says. β€œI’ve read many stories shared by people on social media on how humiliating and difficult the whole crossing procedure is.” Photo:

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 15, 2017

Noticed anything different in ? We've placed 's image taken in M'Poko Internally Displaced Persons camp, on the corner of Reid St and St. Georges Rd to coincide with our collaborative exhibition with ! The caption of this image reads: Central African Republic, . February 13, 2016. Women sell food under the wing of a plane wreckage being used as housing in M'Poko Internally Displaced Persons camp. The crisis began in March 2013 after a coup d'etat deposed President Francois Bozize and the country spiralled into inter-ethnic and inter-religious violence. As of November 2016, reported that there are more than 434,000 internally displaced due to conflict and up to 500,000 fleeing the country. Since December 2016, the government has been in the process of closing the camp, which is located next to the the capital's airport. The camp was established in late 2013, and according to report up to 70,000 people took shelter there at the height of the crisis. During the crisis, most aid agencies chose to reduce or eliminate aid to the camp in order to discourage people from settling there. The lack of food forced many to become desperate, and in 2014 numerous reports surfaced of children as young as 9 bartering sexual acts for food from foreign soldiers and U.N. . Photo: __________________________

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 15, 2017

πŸ‘€ , opens in a couple of days! To coincide with this collab with , we've installed 's photo on the cross road of Thomas St and Scott St. The caption of this image: Cefhane - , . May 10, . Tensions between authorities and Kurdish groups, such as the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), have escalated. Over 10,000 people live in temporary camps around Sirnak and according to a report on the period of July 2015 to December 2016, up to 500,000 people, mostly , had been displaced. Video: ___________________________

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 15, 2017

As part of our exhibition, we've installed large format images on the corner of Reid St & St Georges Rd in ! Pictured is a of the installation of ' image taken of the dismantling of in ! The caption of the photograph: Calais, Oct. 26, . An African runs with his bike as thick smoke and flames rise from tents after fires were started in the makeshift camp known as "The Jungle". The camp contained over 7, 000 s trying to reach the U.K. and was cleared by the French government. πŸŽ₯: _________________________ crisis

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 14, 2017

: The team prepares for the upcoming 'Where I Lay My Head' exhibition at in , ! It opens May 17! Video:

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 10, 2017

For the remainder of the week, we are taking over 's feed! We are sharing a variety of images & videos from the group show, including moments and clips of the large-format installations. One of the images we've installed for the exhibition is ' photograph of right-wing extremist in . The caption of this image: January . , Russia. Right-wing extremist, Inna Bunina, 27, carries a on her shoulder and wears -like symbols on her clothes and as tattoos. She has 20,000 followers and most of the 500 images she has posted have been shot by a professional photographer. On Many of the shots, she poses together with her two kids. Her username contains the numbers 88 (meaning 'Heil Hitler'). Inna is the face of the right-wing clothing brand White Rex, renowned for both and , founded by the former skinhead and MMA-fighter Denis Nikitin. Photo: (VG/ )

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 2, 2017

On the corner of Swanston st, Melbourne, keep your eyes peeled for 's image of a boy jumping from an abandoned building! The caption of this image: Salvador de Bahia, . March 20, 2011. A boy jumps from a building of an chocolate factory. Despite the lack of socio-economic support from the government, families have managed to make a safe place for themselves to live - forming a their own which is safer that the alternatives available to them. However, they are currently being evicted by the government because they are there illegally. Photo: _________________________________ building

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — May 1, 2017

In the years that followed the abduction of the from , , some schools in the region that educate girls were forced to close for safety reasons. photographed two girls, Rukkaya and Hadiza (pictured), who both attended one of the schools that closed. The caption of this image: Maiduguri, Borno State. 11 May 2016. Rukkaya and Hadiza, both 18 years of age, pose for a portrait during break time in their school, which was recently reopened after a two-year closure following the abduction of schoolgirls from the nearby town. They both remember having to put their school uniforms in plastic bags so they would not be targeted by the insurgent group. This photo is currently installed at Swanston St in as part of our collab with Photo: