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#Dysturb are a community of freelance photojournalists who place current international photojournalism in public spaces.

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Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 20, 2017

-- We are taking part in the fight against all types of . Thanks to our collaboration with the in , , and the in Australia, features 20 stories that highlight issues faced by and their . Pictured is 's ( ) image which was included in the campaign in . The caption: , . January 19, . Tania is a fifteen-year-old girl and lives at Dipalok 3 Drop in Centre, she arrived here when she was ten years old for training. When Tania was fourteen years old, she was forced to marry a twenty-one-year-old man with mental problems. She moved into her mother-in-law’s house where she was beaten and made to do work, she was also forced into but never saw any money, all her belongings were taken away from her. Tania divorced her husband, which was very difficult for her as her parents did not believe her story. Once her mother knew the truth, she helped her daughter. Please note all the real names of the children is this story have been changed to protect their identity. Photo: e

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 17, 2017

In , Fred McIntyre, 56, helps his wife Janet, 52, shower during a heavy outside their rural home about 30 miles from . The McIntyres stopped using their tap water (from underground wells) for cooking, cleaning and drinking in early 2011 after becoming violently ill and now rely on bottled water. Like many parts of rural Pennsylvania, the Woodlands is located near deep Marcellus Shale gas wells. The McIntyres attribute the contamination of their water to the fracking of those wells. July 19, 2012 The Woodlands, Pennsylvania. . This photo was taken by 's ( ), and was installed as part of , in the town of Couthures-Sur-Garonne!

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 12, 2017

Get ready.

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 11, 2017

It's 7:45 am, March 10, 2017, and the thermometer indicates -15°C. On the side of the border that runs along , a of five carries its heavy luggage out of the taxi that just dropped them at the end of Roxham road. Only a small ditch separates them from Canada, where Royal Mounted Police officers are waiting for them to cross. They claim to be from and want to ask for in Canada, fearing for their security in their , but also in the . Since was elected, the number of asking for asylum at the border has sky rocketed. Only during the months of January and February, the number of individuals intercepted by border agents is estimated to 1 150, compared to 2 500 for the whole year of 2016. Once they get arrested, they will be escorted to the official border crossing of where they will be able to make an asylum claim. It can take months, years before you get a final answer. Authorities give them a card, a , and a ticket so they can reach a temporary reception center in . The above image was included in our recent campaign for in , . Photo:

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 10, 2017

📍In Couthures-Sur-Garonne? Be sure to check out 's image, which was installed as part of ! The caption reads: March 22nd, 2017, , . “To those individuals who have interpreted and commented on what my thoughts were in that horrific and distressful moment, I would like to say not only have I been devastated by witnessing the aftermath of a shocking and numbing terror attack, I’ve also had to deal with the shock of finding my picture plastered all over social media by those who could not look beyond my attire, who draw conclusions based on hate and xenophobia.” said the woman on the picture which quickly became an on the internet. The original caption: A woman visibly distressed walks near passers by treating a victim of the terrorist incident on Westminster Bridge, London. Photo:

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 9, 2017

❗️Did you know that in the regions in southern to the desert wells of Pakistan, it is who are primarily responsible for gathering water? Included in our campaign for is 's image (pictured) of women retrieving water from a well in the , . The caption of this image: , , Pakistan, 2013. Women pull water from a well in the Thar Desert, where temperatures hover at around 120°F (48-50°C) on summer days. With an extremely low water table and continuing , sometimes water must be hauled from a depth of 150-200 feet. “Women fall unconscious on their way to these dug wells,” says Marvi Bheel, 45, a resident of Bewatoo. The journey can take up to three hours. From the -scarce regions in southern Ethiopia to the desert wells of Pakistan, it is who are primarily responsible for . This image was installed in the village of Couthures-Sur-Garonne. If you see it, be sure to snap it, post it and share it!

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 9, 2017

You can still find images scattered throughout the of Couthures-Sur-Garonne! Pictured is 's ( ) image. The caption reads: , . . The consequences of the rising economic and political power of the 'one per cent'. The emergence of an ultra-affluent elite who have turned London into a global reserve currency is changing the face of our city, pushing out its natives and pricing out it’s twenty-somethings. Wallace has produced a series of pictures which satire the super rich and their spending habits, and capture a few of the old guard still lurking around the area looking like unusual anachronisms. Photo: ______________________

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 4, 2017

Pictured is Sawsan, 38, and his son Mohammed, 17, are having fun at a fair in the town of , . Sawsan is and has two children. In May 2015, she decided to flee the war to find asylum in Europe with her eldest son Sam, then 19 years old. Together they took the road to the Balkans and arrived in July 2015 in Germany. Two months later, Mohammed joins them with his father. After living in the immense camp in and then in the more modest refugee camp, the family settled in Ziegenhain, a small village of 5,000 inhabitants. A retired leases them a home so they can integrate and rebuild. This image was included in our recent campaign in Couthures-Sur-Garonne for ! To see more of this intervention, please visit the link in our bio 👆🏽 Photo / _______________________________________ crisis s

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 3, 2017

👀 We are happy to see admirers checking on 's illustrations on photographer 's image. Installed in Couthures-Sur-Garonne for , there are a total of 12 large format images that can be found throughout the – see the link in our bio for all the details👆🏽 The caption of the installed photograph reads: , , . . Street photography and its practice, are for the crossing between and the . His (her, its) main subject is the , direct or indirect presence, in candid situations and in public places. In , , beaches, department stores... The street photographer looks at what we do not see or no more, to give of the relief to the world in which we live. Photo: _______________________________ photography

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 3, 2017

Pictured above is Rasel (right) and Mohamed (left) working at “Nice” in , . Their work entails shifting and carting from one place to another, as well as stacking bricks. On a good day, they can earn up to 130 a day. They are forced to work to help support their . Although the law prohibits , the practice is consistent throughout the region. Enforcement of existing laws is inadequate. is technically but extremely widespread. Driven by , it is often who are forced to push their children into work at an early age. (please note all the real names of the children is this story have been changed to protect their identity). This picture, taken on January 20th, by , was installed in Couthures-Sur-Garonne for To see more of this operation, please visit the link in our bio! Photo: /

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Aug 2, 2017

Noticed anything different around Couthures-sur-Garonne? We've installed large format images taken by ( ), , ( & more throughout the streets for Pictured is 's photograph! The caption: , August 18, 2014. The last miners of . A has just finished his workday at a depth of more than 800m in the Lonea in the . It joins the room of the hanged, the locker room of the miners of background. He holds the key of his padlock in his hands to recover his clothes. The Lonea mine is one of the most exploited sites in Romania with a reserve of more than 22 million tons of coal. This site is doomed to be closed, leaving a whole population dependent on the mining industry for over a hundred years to be abandoned. Photo:

Dysturb @dysturb Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 31, 2017

🐼 It might surprise you to learn that when s are planned on being released into the wild, must dress as a – these pandas should never see a human being prior to this event! Pictured above is an image taken by award-winning of a caretaker cleaning the enclosure of a Giant that is being trained for release into the wild at the Wolong Nature Reserve managed by the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda. Nov 10, 2013. Province, , This photograph has been installed in the town of Couthures-Sur-Garonne for the festival! Photo: