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From first tracks with friends to relaxing fireside, our best times happen outdoors. This is a collection of our #Goatworthy moments. Share yours.

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Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 25, 2017

The day started as a kayak outing in Alaska until the boat captain mentioned to Backcountry customer how they often take out backcountry skiers. The trip then turned in to a ski touring reconnaissance mission. Next adventure planned ✔️ Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 24, 2017

stayed on top of this spire for a full 15 minutes in the freezing cold to get the shot, all the while hearing "wooos" from someone down below. Thanks for helping to build the hype "wooo" person (not pictured). Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 23, 2017

Trying something new and getting out of our comfort zone was a recurring theme on our State of Gold road trip. For Gearhead Ben Rabinowtiz ( ), a seasoned climber and alpine athlete, learning to surf was definitely a challenge. After getting worked by the waves over and over, he paddled out to Cam, a customer. Cam looked at him and said, “Ben, you can relax now. You’re in a safe space. You’re in the nest.” Ben smiled wide and just lay out on his board to catch his breath. It was reassuring to have Cam there, knowing exactly what he was feeling.

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 21, 2017

Spending time outside is at the heart of our community and employees alike, and our nation's public lands are often the setting to many special moments. Our National Monuments are currently under review; as a Utah-based company, Backcountry supports continued National Monument designations, in particular Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. We encourage our community to weigh in and make their voices heard on this important issue, no matter your opinion. Read the message from our CEO and learn how to participate in the public comment period by clicking the link in our bio. Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 21, 2017

When asked his girls what they wanted to do that weekend, they said, "Let's go on an adventure." So they packed up their gear and headed out to the Bonneville Salt Flats for some sunset paddle boarding and to Skull Valley to rock climb. Looks like the future generation of adventurers are already on their way.

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 20, 2017

Remember: safety is most important when choosing a campsite. Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 19, 2017

A brutally early wake up call and icy conditions were all worth it to see the sunrise on the Middle Teton from the Ford/Stettner Couloir. Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

Our Gearheads love when they get to hang out with their customers in person - especially when it involves a and demo in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

The right companion takes any adventure from nice to incredible. Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 16, 2017

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with to launch a first-of-its-kind weekend escape into the outdoors, the Pursuit Series. At these events, you'll play hard, have fun, and learn all of the outdoor activities and skills that you've always dreamt about. All expert instruction, classes, and gear for activities will be provided. Click the link in our bio to learn more and register today! Photo:

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 14, 2017

If you’re anything like us, your mom is the one who cultivated your love for the outdoors. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with these mom moments from the Backcountry community.

Backcountry @backcountry Instagram Photo / Video — May 13, 2017

Golden hour might just be our favorite time of day. It's a time to savor the smell of sunscreen and reflect on our favorite moments from a day spent in the outdoors. We challenge you to capture golden hour from a new vantage point - share your pics with us using & for a chance to win a $200 Backcountry gift card.