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Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 17, 2017

Missing days like this... days where we could go backpacking in our t-shirts, where we could stay up late and never get cold. Those days are long gone in the mountains, but I’m looking forward to what the snow brings us! Excited to finally get some solid winter adventures in this weekend!

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 13, 2017

That last light of the evening at Cannon Beach. This looked much different than my usual shooting experience. Normally, I’ll be standing somewhere with a tripod. However, on this night, I cranked up my shutter speed and was running around in the water. I came out of it with this photo, was I was really happy with. I wanted a shot at Cannon Beach that was different than the normal plain and boring picture of the rock. Let me know what you guys think!

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 10, 2017

The blue hour under a full moon just outside of Bend, Oregon. Looking for some winter backpacking ideas! Let’s hear your best winter camping spot!

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 7, 2017

Thinking it’s about time to plan another trip. As much as I want to see some new places, this one keeps occupying my head. I’m hoping to do the whole 16 mile span of The Narrows next year in Zion National Park. This photo was taken in the area of The Narrows called Wall Street, which is where the canyon walls get closer together and taller. Who’s been here before, and who has it on their bucket list?!

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 5, 2017

Catching the early morning light... bummed I can’t go back to this place next year, but it isn’t hard for me to let go since it doesn’t have much emotional connection. The places that I’ll miss the most are places like Oneonta Gorge. Exploring this place in the winter with a wetsuit and your best friends is an experience not to be forgotten!Places that are so much more than photography. Unfortunately, Boardman isn’t much more than a photo op for me. How do you guys feel?

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Nov 2, 2017

Fall is definitely coming to a close... I think it’s finally time to ! Looks like our answer might be coming this weekend! Where is the first place you’re going once we get some snow?

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 30, 2017

Catching that early morning light after camping next to this frozen lake last night... this trip has me really excited for upcoming snowshoe adventures! Where is your favorite winter destination?

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 28, 2017

Here’s a new photo I finally had the time to process from Smith Rock the other night... I ended up visiting this location about a week after I took and posted my previous photo (on October 1st). There were a few things about that photo that I wanted to see if I could get a little differently from a different spot. So this time, I went back, knowing that I wanted to be shooting from a little lower, and also further out so that the river would not be cut off by rocks. I found my perfect spot and staked out for a few hours for what I thought would be a bust, but the perfect clouds rolled in last minute... Overall, really happy with this one, so let me know what you think!

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 26, 2017

Like a kid in a candy shop... where is your favorite fall destination?

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 23, 2017

Autumn at Silver Falls State Park. It’s pretty cool to look back at my shot from last year, that I thought was pretty good. However, I think the photos I took there this year put it to shame. It’s always great looking back and seeing improvement! I’d love to know what you guys think!

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 21, 2017

Hazy sunsets and splashing waves on the Oregon Coast... headed to the snow this weekend! Where is everyone else headed?

Austin Jackson @austinjackson29 Instagram Photo / Video — Oct 18, 2017

Decided to head back here again when I knew the light would be just right and the fall colors would have a little more time to turn for me... definitely glad I visited again! Where are you headed for fall colors this year?