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Outdoor Lifestyle and Product Photographer - Leave No Trace Print Giveaway! 👇🏼 Life's better outside

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Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 20, 2017

No need for tent flies if it ain't gonna rain! Happy summer solstice everyone!!

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 14, 2017

Leave No Trace Print Giveaway!! • • Now that summer is almost here I wanted to do another print giveaway like I did when I was on the JMT! This time I am teaming up with a good friend of mine and fellow badass photographer who values the wilderness just as much as I do and wants to help spread the love! Scott and I are both giving away prints to a lucky winner! Scott has one printed already and I am letting YOU decide which photograph you would like to receive from me, awesome right?! I am letting you literally choose any photograph from my website (link in bio👆🏼), from my Instagram page or from my Bechance account - So here it is, below are the details on how to win! 1.) Get outside to a National Park, State Park, National Forest, BLM, Conservation area, National Monuments, city parks or any other area that you love to be surrounded in and take a stroll, hike, run, etc., just get out whatever your fancy is. This could be anywhere from a hour to a multi day backpacking trip, choice is yours! 2.) On your adventure pick up as much trash as your possibly capable of! (Extra points for being creative and funny with it!) Remember to bring bags and gloves if you don’t want to get messy. 3.) When you’ve completed your trash mission send Scott and myself a picture directly through Instagram's direct mail of you after your hike with all the trash you found and cleaned up! Bigger props if you make a post about it on your social account to help spread the word about leaving no trace and keeping mother earth clean! (No cheating, it's bad karma) Scott and I will announce the winner July 5th so there is plenty of time! Get out there and do some good for the environment and get two free prints shipped directly to your door for doing a great deed, all free of charge! Good luck, and remember, have fun with it!

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 13, 2017

Finding ways to not break your neck while trying to enjoy the views and morning coffee in Stout Grove. • • Got two fun announcements for all you peeps! One is a sweet collaboration with a sick illustrator/ graphic designer who's taking some of my photos from this recent trip and working his magic on them. The other is a print giveaway contest! Stay tuned in for details coming soon!

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 10, 2017

Look, listen and observe.

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 8, 2017

Stumped on a caption. Is it really needed?

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 5, 2017

Lazy dayz in the valley looking up El Capitans nose. No boogers were found.

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 4, 2017

Wandering the valley late at night pondering about the amount of water and how much is flowing. It's great to see Yosemite with so much water finally after seeing it with so little the last five years.

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 3, 2017

Walking the plank to never never land.

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — Jun 1, 2017

A scene worth seeing a million times, for it's constantly changing and always has a new star to find!

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — May 29, 2017

My most favorite moment in California is one I have not shown yet. This was on our rest day at Marie Lake on the JMT and I'll always think of this image when I think of my time in California. It was such a great day spent watching storms roll by and hanging with good friends. Here's to our last day in Cali and to new adventures on the horizon! Can't wait to be back soon California, it's been amazing!!

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — May 29, 2017

My second most favored moment in California was having open the first ever wingsuit base exit over me in SoCal. We thought of some ways to show the exit differently and found a tiny ledge 25 feet below the exit to rap down too. It was a wicked experience to have him fly over me, one I'll never forget! We are still thinking of you Chris!

Austin Trigg @austin.trigg Instagram Photo / Video — May 29, 2017

The desert offers a perfect getaway to enjoy the night sky. One of my favorite nights out there was watching the Perseid meteor shower for the first time. At this snap I think it was 95 degrees and 3am. So worth it!