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From the hood to the clouds #oaklandproud Currently 📍: Yosemite 🎦: Video @ BD 📩: [email protected] 📸: @sonyalpha #alphacollective

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Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 26, 2017

and I hit the road to one of my favorite national parks, Yosemite! For the first time in my life I got to experience the . I couldn't help but feel inspired after learning about Travis's journey. One thing that he said that I'll take with me for the rest of my life is "take a leap of fate, just go for it". Video coming soon! Shout out to for making this all possible. YEWWWW! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Shoutout to for flying in from China and rigging up this line. for being one of my coolest friend/shooter I know!

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 23, 2017

What truly inspires me to travel has to be the stories. Where are you from and what's it like living in your city?

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 19, 2017

I'm home!! Currently eating in n out, shooting sunrise tomorrow morning at treasure island! Open invite 😉 where's my Bay Area folks at? I'm also hosting a meet up with and this Sunday at mt tam. Stay tuned for details!

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 17, 2017

The past two days being back in California for the kandosony trip has been such an amazing experience. We were welcomed with cabins, activities, and the new A9's. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones on this trip has been my highlight so far. Being around these guys you just can't help but feel inspired. Going to add everyone up once I get reception! My service here is horrible alpha

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 12, 2017

When and I shoot together it’s always a fun time. After a couple hours of shooting everyone is HUNGRY, then it’s time for food. After eating we go shoot again. Cool circle right? Who are your travel buddies? Tag them in the photo below.

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 11, 2017

Last month I had the opportunity to travel Italy with the homie on my first BD. Upon arriving to Venice we were greeted by canals the size of streets. We received a message fro our new Venetian brothers and saying “hey we have a little blue boat, would you like to see Venice the way the locals do?” Nainoa and I didn’t think twice, within the next couple of hours they took us on “no name Maserati”. Seeing Venice through their eyes was life changing for me. The trip gets even better. We met up with a long time hero of mine and we even hosted the instameet! There we were able to meet with Italian photographers from all over the country. I think one of the coolest things we did was open up our Airbnb to be the . We had a bed, 3 couches, and a floor. We opened ourselves to the community and they answered. Thank you and for story time. Huge shoutout to Nainoa for putting this edit all together. Teaming up with you on a video was one of the coolest things I’ve ever worked on! You really outdid yourself with this one. My favorite of yours, not being bias of course 😉. Going to miss those inside Pino jokes, pastas for breakfast, and gelato. Stay tuned for my edit of Florence coming next week, I got next! Check out our latest “Lets Go” video on the link in my bio!

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 9, 2017

after asking for suggestions on my stories someone asked me in the DMS what working for BD is like? Crazy to think two months ago I was 1 out of 120,000 selected for "the worlds coolest job". When I told my gmama those numbers I could see her eyes getting watery. I told her that it's all for her. All of those hours sacrificed, those sleepless nights, those days where I could feel my hands getting numb after editing for too long. I still remember those days when we used to go to the grocery store together and you'd ask me to translate the coupons to Vietnamese. I can honestly say that this experience so far has exceeded all my expectations. I'm living in the heart of manhattan working with a team that creates & curates content to celebrate the beauty of the world and inspire people to travel. It's hard to even put into words. Imagine walking home from work everyday feeling inspired by everyone around you. That's how I'm feeling right now and I'm so grateful to have you -- who read this to the very end. Let me know you read this by commenting

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 5, 2017

[Fast food] Raised in a household where food is scarce, fast food was considered a luxury meal. There were times where remember eating the same thing for a whole week. Thinking about it now, a lobster meal was goals. It wasn’t impossible to obtain though, I found a way make it work. I negotiated with my grandma that straight A’s on a report card meant I got to eat whatever I wanted! Long story short I had to work hard for that lobster and lemon pepper sauce lol. Another quick story. My 4th grade teacher Ms. Giang used to reward the class with one taco from Taco Bell. Either a soft or hard taco. After we finished reading Harry Potter I would be so excited to raise my hand for the soft taco vote. My whole life I associated hard work with food. I’m so happy to say that I’m in a position of life where I know there’s going to be food on the table. Then..There’s a part of me that just wants to share joy and happiness. That was one of the inspirations of hosting the meet up on my roof last week. If I have access to roof top then I’m going to share it when I can. I’m also going to be serving orange juice for everyone who comes! If you want to contribute something let me know! If you read this until the end, let me know by commenting ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Shoot me a DM for my address

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 3, 2017

It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 2, 2017

If I quit however, it'll last forever. Share one of your favorite quotes in the comments 😊💪🏼

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — May 1, 2017

This morning I hosted an impromptu sunrise instameet on my roof. Pretty much inviting anyone who’s never seen a rooftop or anyone who was just interested in meeting other photographers or people. With no expectations at all old friends, locals, and people from out of town showed up at 6am! Quick story. When I was younger I grew up on a the dead end (Viola St. in Oakland). There were about 10 kids who I still call my brothers and sisters. We would share stories about the struggle of growing up and it would help relieve the stress we were dealing with in our households. Topics such as domestic violence, drug use, and even alcoholism. Shoutout to the Quintanilla’s for showing me what family means, to the Rodgers for having my back and being the only two who passed the Asian kid the ball on the basketball courts. If it wasn’t for my small community growing up I wouldn’t be here today. So if you’re in Manhattan next Sunday I’ll be hosting another one open to everyone. I’m reaching out to the black sheep and outcasts out there. Just know that with me you’re in good hands! If you read this until the end let me know by commenting — Shoot me a DM for my address 😃

Andy To @andyto Instagram Photo / Video — Apr 27, 2017

[Laundry] My grandmother was always busy doing everybody else's laundry so at the age of 6 I was taught to wash my own. Inside my home we had an old one that looked like a well. It reminds me of this photo, where it spins in the middle (anyone know what I'm talking about?). After washing my clothes I would carry it outside to air dry on our red fence that would always leave stains 😡. I learned the hard way that you shouldn't rush the process. After drying all of my clothes would be rough. It had a pretty distinct smell too. Then it was the folding which I HATED but learned to love. What I appreciate now is the process. There was something about seeing that clean organized pile of laundry that satisfied my OCD lol. After moving to New York I FaceTime'd my grandmother to show her my laundry unit inside of my bathroom. It's the little moments like these that I share with my grandma that really bring me happiness. I appreciate that machine so much more now because of what I experienced as a kid. If you read this until the end, let me know my commenting