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Thomas Rivers Püzey


Endurance athlete | @h&m | @altrarunning | | Body Mechanic | For coaching contact: [email protected] | Portuguese ~ Español | Flagstaff, AZ

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Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 21, 2017

Dear lovelies, I get asked at least daily on this outlet about the sunglasses I wear. I typically try to steer clear of blatant endorsements, but for anyone who is curious, all my shades are from . I've been wearing these for lots of years. My first pair were a gift from a European princess while and I lived in a tree house, in the rainforest, outside a little surf town in Northern Brazil. We all got in the middle of a war between two rival cartels and the princess had to flee the country. That was the last time we ever saw her. (True story btw). They were the Tonnetts - a female style, but I'm not really one for convention so whatev. I wore those things to death and they literally changed my life. After decades of working cattle, farming, surfing, globe roaming, and mountain running, my eyes were in bad shape. Cowboys, farmers, surfers, and anthropologists don't wear sunglasses - or at least I thought. I had developed a pretty ornate pattern of pingueculae in both eyes. Basically a constellation of scar tissue caused by salt, wind, dust, and uv light from the sun. This made my eyes incredibly sensitive to light, which only intensified when we moved to high altitude Flagstaff, where the low density of atmosphere makes the sun even brighter. I get crap for it, but I never go anywhere without shades now. The polarized lenses make it possible for me to see without a headache and they make the whole world look like it's designed with HDR. I even wore them indoors for years of Dr. classes, blaming the florescent lights and claiming migraines, but typically it was more a mascarade so my mean mug and weepy eyes didn't reveal the full extent of my disdain for pompous academics. (Again, true story). The kind folks at have made a custom discount code for 30% off any sunnies on their site - including my favorite fire chrome lens that I rock on the daily. My go-to are the Knoxville. Code: TOMMYRIVS30 If you enter the code in the promo code box at checkout you'll get 30% off. Follow the handle to access the site. Anyway, check it out if you're into that sort of thing. If not, that's all good too. xoxo, PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 20, 2017

"But especially he loved to run in the dim twilight of the summer midnights, listening to the subdued and sleepy murmurs of the forest, reading signs and sounds as a man may read a book, and seeking for the mysterious something that called—called, waking or sleeping, at all times, for him to come." —Jack London . . . PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 19, 2017

In every face I see you clearly. Oh my friend, I love you dearly...

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 19, 2017

Team Run Flagstaff brought the storm last night with another lung searing, sharpening sesh : 8 x (1 min @ mile race pace / 30 sec recovery, 30 sec @ mile race pace / 2 min recovery). The mountain weighed heavy in my legs as I tried in vain to hang on to the young guns, who eventually rolled through in close to 60 sec quarters. The legs have got it, but at 7,000 ft that's a tough task to provide enough oxygen to this rickety old frame. It feels so good to be back in town. Such an inspiring community. Old friends and new. Laughs and rallying cries by all ages as we collectively get work done. held down the fort and commanded splits on the south, while and her squad had an impromptu birthday 🎂 dance party on the North. was there to hand out goldfish crackers and capture the moments with his sorcery and mastery of the dark arts. A couple of days to rest these old bones before another big weekend on the mountain. 👣🌩 PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 18, 2017

A quiet mind cureth all. . . . . . PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 18, 2017

A couple of hours of early morning, backyard canyon scrambling with mellow jams and plenty of strategically placed hidden cameras for low-res crotch shots. The legs are feeling good after the big days on the mountain. I seemed to have exited that big block unscathed and with high hopes to absorb that work, allow my body to assess and adapt, then head back for more. Sharpening track session on the books for tonight at - mostly for survival though. Researchers at the University of Manchester recently published an article which claims that the stubby armed tyrannosaurus rex could "briskly walk" at a speed of 20 km/hr, but that if it went any faster it's bones would crumble under the sheer mass of it's frame. (I've claimed the same faulty engineering after being diagnosed with stress fractures.) The paleontologists we're trying to make the claim that the T-Rex's locomotive abilities were quite pedestrian, and although in Flagstaff that might be the case, that's still 5 minute mile pace. A T-Rex could still qualify for the Olympic Trials even if it got in with a quick half marathon. Damn. I always wondered why the qualifying times seemed so arbitrary. Turns out the Olympic Committee deems you unfit for an Olympic qualifier unless you are able to outrun a Tyrannosaurus. It all makes sense now. So, in the event that the calving of the Larsen C ice shelf ushers in another cretaceous period, I'll be prepared to outrun any large predatory lizards 🐉. Hopefully makes an appearance at the oval tonight as well. To my knowledge he is the most recent addition to the "Capable of outrunning a T-Rex" club with his weekend victory at the with a predator evading pace of 4:59 per mile. Always a reason to get out the door and move those legs. Cause I mean seriously, how embarrassing would it be to get captured by those little arms?

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 17, 2017

Another long night in the mountains. Another wakeup call hours before dawn. I move through the dark. The nebulous clears. In my mind I see my dad. It’s his birthday. The earth has made one more revolution to the mark it inhabited when he drifted into the dream of mortality. I miss him. One of the most difficult parts about traveling is not being able to talk to him. Most of my running is solo, but very few people know that I spend most of that time talking to him on the phone. He is my best friend. I run. He walks. We commune for hours. As I grew, his messages were consistent. "I love you. The gods love all of their children equally and will speak to each in whatever means necessary. If your mind is quiet, you will hear them. Also, don’t be a candy-ass." He and I share the same soul. No context is needed. Our memories are one. His experiences are seared into my genes. His resolved trauma is my strength, and yet we still recognize the voices of the same demons. When he forgets for a moment that we have banished them, I calmly remind him. When I forget in a moment that their threats are hollow, he reminds me that we’ve been there and back. We talk as if to one’s self. With each passing day, we become more and more the same person – as if the spectrum in time where each of us was born has bent in the middle into a perfect turn. The innocence of my childhood fades. The wisdom of his age deepens. We move towards one another to the eclipse where the spheres converge.  We walk and weep, we cuss and laugh. We mourn out our days. Orthodoxy. Orthopraxy. Esoteric. Exoteric. Cellars. Kivas. Sacred vessels. Basements. Burials. Tombs. Wombs of second births. Excavations and Qumran. We wear the same scars. Men, acquainted with grief. Burdens. Sorrows. Smitten of gods, and afflicted. He is who I call when I am lost. “I’m in a bad spot. I may not make it out of this one.” He reminds me, what we know. How is it possible to mourn someone while they are still by your side? I don’t know who of the two of us will wake first from this mortal dream, but I hope the other is not too far behind.

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 15, 2017

An abrupt return to real life with a morning up and down my favorite mountain. 12,000 ft didn't hurt as bad as I had anticipated. Perhaps it was the sunrise, the Tang and Pop-Tarts, or the sheer exiliration of following Kilian and his makeshift sling as he trudged through the night. Can we please talk about that? Unbelievable. What a remarkable soul. An early start. 3:00 am wake up calls aren't as difficult when your body is on Greece time. Still trying to wrap my head around all of that adventure. More to come, but for now just trying to sort through the distance I find myself spanning on so many different spectrums; but mostly emotional. The collision of so may different realms and ages. My apologies for the barrage of impersonal, non-contextualized content over the past several days. They serve as flags to maintain my memories amid all the chaos, but I imagine to the passive observer it would be exhausting and a bit nauseating to behold. Thank you all for allowing me to indulge. This world is a deeply magnificent place and I'm grateful for the opportunities I'm given to explore so much of it, but there isn't a place I'd rather be right now than in these hypoxic mountains with my babes. A combo of rugged mountain, and fast road races on the horizon. Typically that's a tricky bridge to gap, but I'm optimistic I can make it work. Big things on the horizon. Thank you all for the consistent kind words and support. 👣

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 14, 2017

"Let him that would move the world first move himself." -Socrates . . . PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 13, 2017

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. -Aristotle . . . PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 13, 2017

Ruins among ruins. And yet...ruins can be rebuilt. . . . PC:

Thomas Rivers Püzey @tommy_rivs Instagram Photo / Video — Jul 12, 2017

"There is a kind of flame in Crete - let us call it 'soul' - something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, valor, and together with these something else inexpressible and imponderable, something which makes you rejoice that you are human being, and at the same time tremble.” - N. Kazantzakis . . . PC: The lovely