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on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 2, 2017

The brand new lets you . Editors and put the bras to the test in some seriously sweaty classes — see the results on ✨

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 3, 2017

Made to move, now free to move. Introducing the Enlite Bra: made by women, for women. Our most innovative sports bra for high performance comfort. Designed to embrace natural movement, by working with your body. Stop by your local store for a customized bra fitting and experience this life-changing bra for yourself.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 12, 2017

Letzte Woche landete der Enlite Bra in unseren Stores und wir wollen von euch hören, wie ihr euch in ihm fühlt. Mit supersoftem Ultralu™ Material und innovativ eingearbeiten Cups definiert der Enlite Bra High-Performance-Komfort komplett neu. Ihr habt dieses revolutionäre Teil noch nicht anprobiert? Dann schaut in unseren Showrooms, dem Hamburger Store oder online vorbei und erlebt selbst, was wir mit meinen.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 10, 2017

: "Hey Yianna can I take a picture of you in your bra?" Me: "Ummm NO... yes... NO... ahhh fuck it YES!"

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 9, 2017

Be free 🖤 Free to move in the new Enlite Bra! Learn more today on ✨ Scroll for more pics! ✨ Shop the look:

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 4, 2017

A revolutionary new piece that moves with you, not against you. The Enlite Bra is made with our new Ultralu™ fabric that has a soft hand-feel and powerful, sweat-wicking support for a truly original sensation. Paired with free cut edges to streamline the unique design and reduce chafing—this long-awaited bra defines high-performance comfort. Swipe left to see more—tap link in bio to learn more.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 3, 2017

Être libre de ses mouvements grâce au nouveau Enlite Bra, soutien-gorge de sport unique conçu pour épouser vos mouvements tout en alliant performance, confort et style

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — May 5, 2017

Made to move with you, not against you.⠀ This long-awaited bra defines high-performance comfort, 2 years in the making. Designed to feel different and to fit unlike any other bra with individual, built-in cups that encapsulate the breasts to give support and soften bounce, so you can feel free to move any way you want to with complete support.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Apr 12, 2017

Ladies! When was the last time you felt Free to Move? Like, that full confidence, comfortable, warrior self? On Friday April 28 at 12pm I am hosting a special class at MARINA celebrating the launch of their new high support bra. Check out the event details by clicking the link in my profile - there are 50 spots for you to RSVP. See you warrior woman there!

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Nov 9, 2017

I’ve been obsessed with this song lately. Sorry not sorry for posting a dance for it again.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Nov 8, 2017

Trying to stay dry on these rainy nyc days . . . . . . . . . . . ydays days

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 18, 2017


on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 17, 2017

Got my boots on, now I either need to go dancing or go horse back riding. 🤔🤔 I love these crisp Fall days, especially with sunshine.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 15, 2017

This is me taking a page out of Debbie Reynolds’ book. In Singin’ in the Rain, Gene Kelly picks her up during the “You Were Meant For Me” number, and to make it look seamless she presses down with her forearms into his shoulders to hold her own body weight. She looks light as a feather and the move appears effortless. Reynolds was a gymnast with no formal dance training when she filmed Singin’ in the Rain. I like to think I’m a little like her because of starting to dance so late. Whenever I am lifted I think of this little tidbit I learned by watching the behind the scenes footage of one of my favorite movies. 📸: . . . . . myshape r al

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 12, 2017

Lift your body UP!

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 8, 2017

When I think of dancing I think, motivation, fun, connection, freedom, movement, friends, inspiration, music, and smiles. Zumba does that for me. I asked my physical therapist last week if I could at least try Zumba. It hurts my heart to not be able to go because it makes me smile. It does something for me. When I first tried Zumba, I knew hardly any moves and felt a little out of sorts, but the music made me move so I kept at it. It took a few months before I could really get into it, but I stayed on course with it and it has changed my life. ❤❤

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 6, 2017

~When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment it grows. Not the flower...🌱🌻 I've made some pretty big adjustments in my life allowing me to do more of what I want. I think that's important. What good have you done for yourself lately? .

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Oct 5, 2017

MIND UP: What if you could let go of all your bad habits of how you are and how you use your body? You need to give something away to reach something new! Marja`s Body UP workshop at the stunning and beautiful Dionysos is time for yourself: time for your mind and body to recover and for you to find some new energy.

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Sep 28, 2017

החיים שלנו מזמנים לנו אתגרים רבים שלעתים מרתיעים אותנו וגורמים לנו לחשוש מלהתקדם הלאה בנתיב החיים שלנו. זה נכון במיוחד כאשר מדובר בהתחלות חדשות בתחומים שונים כמו קריירה, הורות, מעבר דירה, זוגיות ובעצם כל דרך חדשה שמסמלת התחלה לא מוכרת. החששות הללו מובנים, אך פעמים רבות הם מונעים מאיתנו לנסות בכלל את מה שתכננו. התירוצים תמיד תמיד יחכו לנו אבל ההזדמנויות לא יחכו. אנשים משתנים לאורך חייהם וכך גם מסלולם. אין שליטה בזה ולכן ניתן או להילחם בזה או לחבק את זה קרוב קרוב אליכם, לאהוב את זה, להשקיע בזה ולצמוח עם זה! כמובן שיגיעו רגעים שתרגישו שהכל נגמר אבל אותם רגעים יסמלו את ההתחלות החדשות! בכל אחד מאיתנו מסתתרים כוחות כדי להעיז, כוחות פנימיים כדי להרוויח מאותן התחלו חדשות ולהנות מהן. תעיזו, תעופו, תאהבו, תקבלו ובעיקר תאהבו את עצמכם קצת יותר! גמר חתימה טובה!❤️ Video by my angel 😇: ning ning girl running addict

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Sep 24, 2017

Playlists are up! My most recent yoga playlists are now on for you to continue grooooooovin'

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Sep 22, 2017

Fall is about releasing the old to make way for the new! Working on a new training regimen for this upcoming season . . . . . . . . r women

on Hastag #befreetomove Instagram Photo — Aug 31, 2017

I have spent way too long tiptoeing around fear. Time to crush some goals and spread the love!