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on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Nov 13, 2017
on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 18, 2017

Remote jumping! Here's the remote setup I used for snapping horse jumping with the Sony A9 and the new FE 16-35mm. Just a pair of pocket wizards and the camera on a ball head and a platapod plate. Oh and a lot of luck in the positioning. I'll share a photo from this setup later. Ps thanks to Nick Diplick for guidance and gear.

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 18, 2017

Never miss a momment. What would you capture with the A9?

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 24, 2017

Love workin with ! My main man Ambassador Cael and I chillin and working it at

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 18, 2017

Deeper Meaning "The last couple of days have been surreal with the amount of talent and creativity gathered in one place.  Pair that with the multitude of toys we got to play with, and it's been nothing short of a dream come true." - . Sony A9 | f/11 | 1/400secs | ISO800 . . . | |

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 19, 2017

The perfect setting for... Inspiration, Innovation and Collaboration.

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 28, 2017

My church outfit 📸 MUA Styling kandotrip alpha

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 20, 2017

Ben swam up, wrapped himself in kelp, and grinned at me. I didn't know the guy too well but his gesture was an unspoken invitation to take a portrait. trip

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — May 26, 2017

Thanks for this photo that captures perfectly my long friendship with fellow Sony Artisan . Last week gathered a group of their and team members, along with an eclectic bunch of individuals for a creative summer camp in El Capitan Canyon, CA that they called the . I had no idea what to expect, but i came away fully refreshed after sharing so many ideas and long conversations with photographers from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. Sony also brought in their engineers and designers to ask us face to face what they could improve on the current lineup of cameras and glass, and what we most wanted to see in future products. We were able the field test the fantastic new 16-35mm 2.8 G Master and 12-24mm f4 lens (on the day the lenses launched!) on the new flagship A9 mirrorless pro model. After 16 years shooting, it's been amazing to work with a camera brand that is not only constantly innovative, but also listens intently to what their photographers want. Thank you!

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Nov 15, 2017

TALES FROM CAPTURED BY: .. big love team and everyone that came and brought this retreat to life!!!

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Nov 13, 2017
on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Nov 5, 2017

→ Be A Sponge For Information. I took this photo earlier this year at the , and I remember how it set the tone for following months. I consider myself a sponge for information, because I feel as if I am always learning👨🏾‍💻. When I was a teen my mother use to say, “you have two ears and one mouth, so listen more than you speak.” I decided to combine my passion of media and storytelling, just about three years ago. 🎥 At first I spent most of my free time, only using online sources for creating knowledge. No matter what your passion or interests are I have a personal thought to share with you. The best way to learn is from experience, and learning from the experienced. On this trip, i got to meet and listen to the thoughts, or people I look up to. 👌🏾 It was my first time attending such an event, and it has changed the way I feel going forward. Being content with JUST what you are learning / have learned in school, is not enough. Take the extra step to listen to talks in person, and try to get some face time with others in attendance or the speaker. It has answered so many questions for me, and being a member of the has highlighted the importance of community for me. As much as I spend time 👨🏾‍💻 watching and talks, I have learned that the real life experience can offer so much more. To my fellow college students out there, go find your passion and community. Time is the currency that matters to us right now, and my goodness are we wealthy. Use it wisely. - -

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Oct 15, 2017

¿Dónde estaría la casa de tus sueños? Por qué esta es la nuestra!! from - Where would your dream house be?⠀ ⠀ alpha images photogallery kandotrip # -

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Oct 4, 2017

I hope you are ready to start watching some videos about FutureX, Daily Dharma, Coherent Leadership, and much more...going to put this new to work. Earlier this year I spoke at 1.0 (thanks to ) and was impressed by the people I met and the quality that Sony is delivering in the camera world.

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Oct 4, 2017

late night edits 🤘🏻

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Sep 30, 2017

・・・ This is Stephan, this dude and a bunch of other rad humans from the took us out surfing of the California coast at ! I just arrived back home and and thinking about the rad time of this last whirlwind of a week! Here's to another... #🏄🏼

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Sep 26, 2017

Table Top Tuesday - Earlier this year I had the privilege of working with a vast spectrum of creative photographers and athletes on the Sony a9 Kando Trip in Santa Barbara. Huge thanks to everyone involved that made it such an amazing weekend. alpha kandotrip alpha

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Sep 22, 2017

Let's go somewhere 🏞 Comment where...

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Sep 16, 2017

Really glad I'm with the crew and most of our female ambassadors made it to our last

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Sep 11, 2017

Join me for an amazing alpha experience at on September 22nd, 23rd, 24th exclusive access to the Get your tickets at San Jose Camera. kandotrip

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Sep 7, 2017

Grab the hottest accessories for your beloved Sony cameras! Visit our site to get exclusive sales and limited edition items today. Available for delivery worldwide straight to your doorsteps! a6000 a5000 a6300 a7 a7s a7ii a7r alpha a7rii a5100 alphasclub alpha6000 alphateam alphagang alpha5000 __________________________________________________ The past two days being back in California for the has been such an amazing homecoming. We were welcomed with cabins, activities, and the new A9's. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones on this trip has been my highlight so far. Being around these guys you just can't help but feel inspired. 🎥: member

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Aug 14, 2017

•LOS ROQUES•🌴☀️ ( ) ・・・ Where would your dream house be?⠀ ⠀ alpha images photogallery kandotrip #

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Aug 11, 2017

"Speak of the devil" alpha alpha6000 a6000 kandotrip photography

on Hastag #SonyKandotrip Instagram Photo — Aug 11, 2017

Who would you go on a sunrise surf with? 📷: