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Hot summer nights call for sleek separates and chunky platforms 💣 ❤️

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@drewrys_ : 👌🏼
@hm : Resimde gördüğün pantolon ve üstün yalnızca açık pembe rengi bulunmaktadır. 0544721001 ve 0544723001 ürün kodlarını kullanarak web sayfamızda aratabilir ve satın alabilirsin. İyi alışverişler!
@livnawaldmann20 : 😍😍
@hm : hola, de momento no se encuentra disponible, pero te animamos a estar atenta en la web. ¡Saludos!
@hm : hola, las rebajas han empezado el día de hoy, ¡Te esperamos!
@hm : hola, el número de artículo de este top es el 0544723, puedes colocarlo en el buscador de nuestra web y encontrarás el producto. Un saludo.
@zara_asos_hm_atyrau : Hi, perfect style! I need article number of grey dress with volant))))in germany website))))a lot of thanks. Elmira!
@zara_asos_hm_atyrau : Oh it's hosen))))i found!!! Thanks
@xenozara : you should sponsor me
@xenozara : The only clothing item I ever wear is your purpose hoodie
@andreamiandro : is that crop top and pants set available in Canada? I don't see it on the site
@noora.almarkhan11 : Yo have this in Saudi Arabia?
@hm : Hi there! These items are not available on the Canadian market.
@hm : Hi there! These items are not available on the Canadian market.
@andreamiandro : this is the saddest news ever 😓😓😓
@a.l.ifestyle : 🖤🙌🏼
@hm : Hi Elmira, it's not a dress, its a super fancy trouser. You can check the article online via the search field and the following number: 14-8689. Don't forget to check out the matching top 14-3929! So cool and edgy - have an awesome Sunday!
@valentine_gdy : Are they available on the French market ?
@zara_asos_hm_atyrau : THANK YOU! ❤❤❤❤
@nyx_professional_atyrau : please would you send me article number of black dress om Germany website. Thank u!!!
@hm : Hi, the beautyful short coat will be available expected next Thursday in our stores and onlineshop in Germany. Happy shopping and a nice day!
@andiswa_magula : Is it available already in V&A ?
@hm : Hello! We would be happy to help you check availability but first we will need to know what country you are shopping in. Talk to you soon!
@cathrine_noller : I'm shopping in Germany and I would like to know where the grey top can be found :)
@hm : Hi, this lovely item is from our "Trend" campaign and you can get it in stores with the "Trend" concept - check our store locator on our website. You can also get it with the article number 14-3929 online. Have fun!
@aycanurerol : Fiyatları nedir acaba?
@hm : Hello , we have this dress in India but the availability may vary by store. Thank you for being a fan!
@ira_malaviya : Is there a code with which I can find it online?
@hm : Merhaba , kısa kabanı 0504851001 ürün numarasıyla, pantolonu 0544721001 ürün numarasıyla, saten el çantayı 0500650001 ürün numarasıyla ve güneş gözlüğünü ise 0512960002 ürün numarası ile online mağaza stoklarımızda sorgulayabilirsin. İlgine teşekkürler!
@hm : Hey Ira, can you let us know where you are based so we can give you the correct product number?
@ira_malaviya : I am based in India could you please give me the correct product number for the black dress?
@lou_hss : it's ok not to wear leather, animals are not things, they're earth individuals 🌏
@ianaiarotskaia : Как купить? У нас в Украине нет Вас
@ulrike260972 : tres chic

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