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Heatwave! 💃🌴☀️💦🐚🐬 ❤️

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@stinebop : When is the skirt available in the states? I don't see if online
@hm : Hey Christine, this embroidered skirt is not available just yet on our US market, but we excitedly waiting! You will be able to find it with product code 0540405.
@stinebop : Amazing! Is it coming soon?!
@asiminav : Hello!! Is this skirt available in Greece?? Thank you😊😊
@hm : Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, this item is not available in Japan.
@geralpequignot : Está poca madre
@hm : Hi, the skirt will be available at only H&M Orchard Building end of June. The article number is 0540405.
@hey_music_lover : Omg ... if I only had the legs for this skirt 😍
@hm : We're sure it would look great on you! Have a lovely day!
@cristtyrs_ : Can I get the highheals in France?
@maryameen._ : Hi I can't find the earrings on the uk website are they available in U.K.?
@jesseniameganx : Are the gold tassel earrings going to be restocked soon
@hm : Hey! We do apologize. We do not have that information. Please check back with us next week. We restock items everyday. use product number 0292453 to help you find it on our site. Cheers!
@hm : ναι, ανήκει στη σειρά TREND και θα πρέπει να καλέσετε στα καταστήματά μας στην Ερμού 54, στην Ερμού 11 και Βουλής, αλλά και στη Θεσσαλονίκη (Τσιμισκή 20-22), προκειμένου να ρωτήσετε για διαθεσιμότητά της. Ευχαριστούμε!
@emilydhu : skirt is so cute
@guadalupepasallo : Está padre
@natalieortolaza : when will this skirt be available in stores?
@semaye_nesibzade : l want buy this outfit, what can l do?
@kalliatzagaraki : Hello! Is the skirt available in Greece?
@maquileo : Tenes que traerte este lookete María
@tantalaraila : Hola están en Asunción Paraguay?
@idagurrasson : Is the skirt available in Sweden? Or online? 😍🎉
@hm : Hi there Ida! Looks like the skirt is sold out online in Sweden. You can give our customer service team a call with article number 09-1976. Our Swedish number is 033-14 00 00
@denise_tofte : Hi! I've looked everywhere for that skirt, and I can't find it anywhere😔 is it sold out??
@hm : Hi there, would you kindly let us know from what country you're shopping from so we can further assist?
@denise_tofte : Sweden 😊
@lucia_omnomnom : Lovely outfit!!
@hm : Здравствуйте! На данный момент юбка не представлена в онлайн-магазине, однако ассортимент и размерные ряды часто пополняются. Следите за нашими обновлениями! Приятных покупок!
@alinkaalimova : ну хорошо, буду ждать
@emma_mandm : Hola, quisiera comprar algunas cosas que veo publicadas en su página de instagram, vivo en México y aquí no las encuentro 😢😣😚
@carmelsher : Looking fir those earings can't get online I'm from Ireland
@hm : Hi, not yet it will be later in the year:)
@hm : Hey Carmel! Unfortunately these earrings are not available for purchase at the moment. However, have you seen our alternative styles? Take a look here, to see what we currently have available Have a lovely day!
@missminjoo : When will this skirt be available in the states?? I need it!!
@hm : Hi there, there is no way fro us to say for sure however if you keep an eye on store and online in the next couple of weeks, you should see if this item is stocked.

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