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JUST IN: forecasters expect above-normal 2017 --> (click our profile link) Here’s our 2017 Atlantic Outlook by the numbers: There's a 70% likelihood of 11-17 named storms of which 5-9 could become s , including 2-4 major hurricanes. ................... But it only takes 1 storm to devastate a community. Last year produced 5 land-falling storms, including that killed 34 people here and 551 in the Caribbean, and caused $10 billion in U.S. losses -- making it one of the deadliest Atlantic storms on record. Hurricane season starts June 1, so be prepared NOW. For late-breaking hurricane watches and warnings this season, bookmark,, and follow the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center on Twitter at and NOAA's U.S. National Weather Service at NOAA also issued the seasonal outlooks for 2017 Central Pacific and Eastern Pacific hurricane seasons. Follow NOAA's National Hurricane Center Twitter feed for the Pacific basin at for late-breaking storm updates. saveslives

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@margaretleewilkins : your mom is gonna get anxious....
@malugi97 : I hate "liking" this, since Florida, our home, is always in the crosshairs, but we have to recognize just how important this research is.
@commando_bob : Do you have EPAC predictions up yet?
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@know__a__thornton : I second that..🙋🏼‍♂️
@jedsei : Hurricane , seems fitting 🤣🤣
@dogboy442 : With more artificially produced (human generated) energy being added into the weather system every day, not surprised at the forecast.
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