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Check out this gorgeous grow room. Row after row of cannabis grown with these Advanced Nutrients products: Advanced Sensi Bloom A&B, Sensizym, Big Bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive. . There is nothing more exciting than seeing a grow right before harvest time. . Comment your reactions below.

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@richierich_clmg : Iheard of the green mile well this is the green room
@_papa_dock_ : I just wanna go swimming in the sea of weed.. no floaty's
@manny_fat_woodz : California 🍁🍁
@jcprimevil46 : Wish i had that here in PA
@flacko_kiko : Damn😍
@teddy_the_kid50 : Let me smoke it all
@joshrhensley : How'd you get a picture of my spot? 😉
@fastteddie : you would be in heaven 🤣😂
@kennywing : Lets goo
@souless_doodle : Dab me out at your party and lets rocl the moc together <3
@souless_doodle : Rock the mic* xD
@one_three_one : Good googly moogly
@kloppikopi : Omg wtf 😍
@josh_mears_ : I hope to have a growing room as big as this one day i need you as a mentor man!! Throw me just a fraction of your knoweldge!
@artemshigaev : сделайте что-нибудь, чтобы в России так можно было, please
@_robles13 : Woooow heaven
@__king_cellus__ : Let me get some
@gqone01 : heaven
@chrissiemcw : Yum-my😍💚
@needy420 : Sick hope that wat mine going g b like in d future one love canna fam
@liroos420 : I need a grow room like that
@chaasseeeee : Looks like ted jones grow op in pineapple express 👊👍🔥🔥🔥🔥
@madame__strange : Holy. Yeah 💚
@xox_shirleysim : It would be so amazing to walk through the growing room and see how they are grown and harvested.
@couttsie_bhoy : Drug addict
@jeradomski5656 : Damn this is my heaven

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