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This weekend’s is from , one of the top 10 Instagrammers we featured in our 2017 book. Cris is going to be sharing shots of fascinating architecture he's taken around the world. ‘I focus my photography on modern architecture, especially lookups and staircases. For every photo, I take great care in alignment and choosing my point of view, so that no detail is lost in my final composition. Stay tuned this weekend for some of my favourite places, which I look forward to be sharing here on with you.’ - .

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@jacvill : Cool
@crisgravin : thank you Lipe
@crisgravin : this is in Munich, it's a fire station 😊
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@mitchellvaneijk : Awesome work can't wait to see your stories.
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@citywalkerzfr : Great shot
@crisgravin : thank you very much Marco!!
@crisgravin : thanks a lot buddy!
@crisgravin : thank you very much Dirk!
@crisgravin : thanks much
@crisgravin : thanks a lot
@crisgravin : thank you much
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@lonelyplanet : Drop us a line at social and we'll give you the info. 👍
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