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Video of the Day: The Spanish Team with the definition of "making it look easy" • • •

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@shine_like_chandni_ : Woooo amazing 🙌
@takobeam : amazing 🙌🙌🙌 🙆🙆🙆
@gerardgrau : Those days of waterskiing life....
@kreisson_ : how does he do that spin with the GoPro?
@arendarik : Attachment kreisson
@kreisson_ : find me that attachment
@kreisson_ : what attachment is this
@arendarik : I don't know what it is called, I was looking for it last year after seeing the GoPro year video
@lupoenzo : Top!! 💣
@tenorioale : opaaa...já salvei esse vídeo pra estudar melhor e praticar!! Bora?
@kyle_layne : Song?
@anamonjep : Tienes q aprender a hacer vídeos así d chuliss
@pauchapoy : jajajajaja los conosco! Son de españa cam cam
@pauchapoy : ayyy siii ayyy sii! Champs
@leonardo_nader : massa demais! Será que a gente acha ? Kkkk
@laisito : se liga nessa música
@mattbart_ : I think I found the mount dm me and I'll send u the link
@mattbart_ : dm me I have a link of what possibly could me the mount
@andrade.raphael : foda é cair, pq fica preso só em 1 pé. Aí vai torcer hahaha
@vanedecarli : quero nomes
@rachelnolan21 : you gotta get this helmet attachment
@jerry_ngo : Great...
@rioinfani : Cool
@anubhav_dimri : Bonito👍👍
@jltfam5 : It's a thick wakeboard
@jltfam5 : I mean a thick water ski
@allie_methvin : I know what's he's on but I was talking about the go pro helmet thing 😂
@jltfam5 : I think it's just a regular helmet cuz it has a GoPro attachment on top
@josh.powell19 : what is the Mount called
@tikibarcentral : Too cool 🌴

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