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Introducing NEW , an intensely pigmented lipgloss that comes in 12 bold shades! Available now early in the US at and , Canada and Europe. This shade is 'charmer' modeled by

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@craaazyjackie : Any swatches on us brown girls?
@monte.martha : When it comes to Brazil?
@triscuit84 : it says its "charmer" up there...but I looked at target and it looks like "too cute" .. i bought too cute and put it on and it looked exactly like this
@deeksha0605 : 😍😍😍😍😍
@saraharonis : I need this
@sneha.pahwa : we are buying dis
@marisa.xox : Love ❤️
@i_belieb_bieber : I want to eat this
@lilyasgr : ❤❤❤
@jorrrdan25 : Hey guys I'm trying to build my following. I would really appreciate if you would follow my page! Makeup posts and other life posts ❤️ thanks!
@_lalabunny_ : oooooo they do!!! I loveeee glosses so I'm excited to try these
@khazaain : ❤️
@faraaahkhan : Anybody knows what music is playing in the background?
@viktoria_louisa_jupe : It's in the U.K. Too x
@enesaimerii : love this alreday have itt💋
@polyxenikl : I' ve tried them and I really loved them with lip pencil..they are amazing!! My favorite is charmer ❤❤❣
@jaylynn_mari : How about focusing on changing your animal testing policies instead of making new shades?
@ivette_falcon : Pleasw tell me the color
@oliveeyes95 : Anyone know the music?
@_karlissea : Going to target now, great thanks
@madisonnmariee_ : 😍😍😍
@meesheell1994 : Is it supposed to sting?! 😩
@vudoaurera : Ini d indonesia sdh ada belum y..warna ini sist..yg matte??
@sofia_aifos_sofia : έχουν έρθει κιόλας Ελλάδα?? Αν ναι που τα βρίσκουμε??
@polyxenikl : ναι πολύ καιρό τώρα, εγω τα πήρα από χοντος!!
@sofia_aifos_sofia : ευχαριστώ πολυυ! Και κάτι τελευταίο, έχουν γενικά διάρκεια ή είναι πολύ κολλώδη??
@polyxenikl : έχουν διάρκεια ναι δεν είναι ματ και έχουν απίστευτο χρώμα, δεν κολλάει καθόλου 😁
@sofia_aifos_sofia : Σ ευχαριστώ κ πάλι για την άμεση απάντηση!! :)

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