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There's nothing like my 4th of July BBQ Bash on Celebrity Row in Malibu, California... . And I want you to join me there for an experience of a lifetime. . I usually throw a simple contest to give ONE of my fans a chance to join me and have a great time. . This time, I'm picking FOUR winners from each section of this great country. . If you’re randomly picked as ONE of the FOUR winners, . You and your guest will fly to L.A. for the party. . Each winner will receive $500 in walking around money. . And of course, each winner will get to dip into my private reserve. . So, how do you enter? That’s easy. . 1️⃣ Follow my Instagram account. . 2️⃣ Tag 3 friends in the comments below and let me know which state you live in. . 3️⃣ Read my posts and comment regularly. . This contest is for my followers who love this page, so I’ll ignore comments like, “I’m here to win, BigMike.” Creative comments always get my attention. . 4️⃣ Finally, check back on June 21st at 6:00 PM PST to see who the FOUR winners are. . Remember, the more you comment on my posts, the more chances you’ll have to win. Just be real. . Good luck and I hope to see you soon.

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@aceroutly : Bro your what we need for president! Big mike for president! Trumps outa office🍪
@maaakz43 : follow big mike hes a legend! we live in hawaii!
@liroos420 : Follow this man we live in Maryland !!!!
@chaasseeeee : I LIVE IN FRESNO CALIFORNIA! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@phantomcupcake : I'd wouldn't want anyone else but you babes with me at the future Malibu playhouse...🔥
@tetyanaluka : I live in Ukraine. 🌱💜💚🔥
@dantana_vision : you down my Ganja Goddess??
@dantana_vision : Oh I forgot.. New Jersey.. sorry I'm stoned
@ronhammy : Yooo I'm in JERSEY n me n guys tryna do somethin different this 4th n turnin up wit u n ur ladies n good weed sounds like the perfect 4th so just pick us n well be ready man
@hunter.smith62 : ILLINOIS pick us we live in the most boring state spice it up for us bro
@xox_shirleysim : I really would love to experience this. Being able to just kick back and be lit. This will be my first lit fourth of July.
@monty_calilove : I am from California, would love to join
@gehdgdhebdydvud : I'm from Georgia and I need to get lit Bc everything is so downbeat here
@jeradomski5656 : Your home girl from Illinois my lifetime dream
@jake.logan.runge : i'm from florida and you know that we compete for the best beaches in the nation so why not a competition🤔
@caligula.1 : Cleveland ohio
@caligula.1 : Lost the finals 😥😥😥😥😥
@exaltin_montes710 : Weed is time in space?
@pharaohsarmy : Awesome Thx Mike
@josh_mears_ : Bama for sure
@josh_mears_ : im so serious. I need you to just go ahead and send that invite to the mansion! 🇺🇸🍁🇺🇸
@mr_ha1e : Let's go mike! from Alabama
@josh_mears_ : The mansion is calling our name!
@caligula.1 : Waiting till 6pm I ready big mike

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