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Shrouded in clouds today in 1969, this image was taken by the crew of Apollo 10 as they began their lunar journey. From 36,000 nautical miles away, this full disk view of our home planet shows the crew’s vantage point from space. The crew members on Apollo 10 were astronauts Thomas P. Stafford, commander; John W. Young, command module pilot; and Eugene E. Cernan, lunar module pilot. Astronaut Young remained in lunar orbit, in the Command and Service Module (CSM) "Charlie Brown", while astronauts Stafford and Cernan descended to within nine miles of the lunar surface, in the Lunar Module (LM) "Snoopy". Credit: NASA planet 10 craft pic history history

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@purwayudhasujonosas92 : Ya sudah lah
@ceren_pyn : Eee knk nasi gidiyo araştırmalar ?
@deltorrro : check out the comment section. Lotta believers here
@jor.hell : youd probably be shot dead by the military before you got to the edge
@jor.hell : Haha they just told you it's a disk
@gardener_lush : i thought this was over with, but I guess it's just gonna continue... I highly doubt that...
@jor.hell : ok I wanna see pictures you take at Antarctica. Don't respond until you've got em k thx bai
@gardener_lush : nah, they said it was was "disk VIEW" get it right, they saw it like that, doesn't mean it IS a disk.
@gardener_lush : I'm not wasting valuable money, just to prove to something that a kindergardener knows
@jor.hell : there is no other view. Deception involves manipulation of beliefs as well as facts. Also look up the definition of forensics and you'll understand how language is used to deceive simple people like yourself who take everything at face value and cant read BETWEEN the lines
@jor.hell : what a weak cop out. Someone's in denial
@gardener_lush : OK, not what I really meant, but I guess I can see how you'd misunderstand.
@jor.hell : understand whyd you start feeling denial you probably spent your entire schooling years like me and everyone else in he US being lied to by people of authority. It's much like when you found out 🎅 wasn't real wasnt it honey?
@gardener_lush : also, "reading between the lines" prooves how idiotic you truly are. Like they would hide hidden messages.
@jor.hell : what faith you have in people who can't and don't care to offer you anything of value from this "work" they do.
@jor.hell : I'm not a "flatearther" nor do I hold many beliefs about the many things I haven't been given opportunity to prove or disprove but I like the reaction from people whose egos get hurt when their beliefs are attacked. You haven't even offered any reason why you hold your beliefs. I'm merely opening a forum for debate so enlighten me since you think because your obedience to authority somehow makes you more intelligent than I
@gardener_lush : that's like telling me that they use it for conmericial use, because "Santa clause" is just an advertisement. You probably think of aliens as actual green-grey creatures, when really, no one truly knows, because as a fact- long ago the earth was hit by all of those meteors and asteroids, one of them, was carrying bacteria, which over time grew out of water after earth's harsh enviroment settled a bit. God never made us, but the archae bacteria did.
@gardener_lush : school taught the correct things, just that you always denied it. Why don't YOU take pictures of Antarctica? I don't see why you would even try to strike this conversation again, it's been three weeks, just leave it.
@jor.hell : you see you have revealed how vastly full of gas your brain is. You believe santa was a creation of industry? Wow you must have never read a book cover to cover. Another example of not reading between the lines and using your critical thinking. Think for yourself and ask questions you might find you will gain more common sense
@gardener_lush : the question, why do you really care? It's not like I'm breaking down and crying over this. I don't believe this, I only know this, Earth, is ROUND, and if you say you aren't a flatearther, why do you care?
@jor.hell : I'll leave you with that thought since I can see you have let emotion override logic
@gardener_lush : uh, of course I don't think "santa" is made from industry, He obviously came from sonething deeper, I say that over time, he was developed to be a huge advertisement, hmm, I wonder why there's Christmas ads in October, definately not becauae people are trying to make money off of his existence. I know where "santa" came from, and why he's even a thing, but he's MOSTLY advertisement.
@gardener_lush : (When I say existence, I obviously don't mean it litteraly)
@jor.hell : go back to bed kid don't you have like 7th grade class tomorrow morning where they'll NOT teach about how white people massacred natives for proliferation of a British monarch conquest and other other omitted history facts?
@gardener_lush : well, I dont need school to tell me that, because it's very(my favorite word) obvious. Who goes to bed at 7:00 pm anyway, not like I have to be up early
@iammisstsl : Idiots! Wtf is this BS!? WHY is it so hard to take a picture like this in 2017, I don't care to see a photo from the 60's WTF? Whomever post these photos needs to be fired!
@brunettebluesequins : It's a beautiful earth out tonight.
@luckykitty2004 : This image looks fake for many reasons but the main one is that there aren't any stars. There are stars everywhere in space so you would definitely see them in photos. This is also why people believe the first moon landing was fake
@luckykitty2004 : there ain't any stars either. I call bs
@steknika : you’re a special kind of stupid. i guess you see a lot of stars also when there is full moon right? :) learn the basics before make yourself an idiot...
@luckykitty2004 : haha can't even be mad lol
@m.b_artist : i think earth is flat
@seen.mickdust : 🌎home

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