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Shrouded in clouds today in 1969, this image was taken by the crew of Apollo 10 as they began their lunar journey. From 36,000 nautical miles away, this full disk view of our home planet shows the crew’s vantage point from space. The crew members on Apollo 10 were astronauts Thomas P. Stafford, commander; John W. Young, command module pilot; and Eugene E. Cernan, lunar module pilot. Astronaut Young remained in lunar orbit, in the Command and Service Module (CSM) "Charlie Brown", while astronauts Stafford and Cernan descended to within nine miles of the lunar surface, in the Lunar Module (LM) "Snoopy". Credit: NASA planet 10 craft pic history history

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@firkdarkless : Yup. That's the dumbest thing I've read so far today. Well done you.
@firkdarkless : If you can't understand the simplicities of camera exposure settings, how is anyone going to help you understand the complexities of space. And I've been to the Antarctic. The penguins aren't that aggressive. Chill.
@firkdarkless : You asked, bro. The good news is that it's only a mild strain of idiocy that can be cleared up with a short prescription of reading. Go get em' champ !
@idham505 : Benerkan kalau bumi itu bulat bukan datar
@ar.gmd : Fake big time .. nice cgi though 😂
@fliphatgang : check out project high jump & project fish bowl both legit military operations... you've been to one part of antartica breh not the whole thing... the only one with the simplistic mind here is you bro the one who can't think outside of the realm of what the news tells you😔it's sad. Do some research NASA has been doing business with Hollywood for the longest I know all about cameras, lenses, photoshop, etc. make sure u know facts before the pot calls the kettle black✌🏾🤓
@firkdarkless : ...You can't even spell Antarctica. Please don't breed.
@daffabaihaqi7 : That's CGI dude !
@bensegall : Funny because this is edited and not real
@bensegall : NASA literally fakes there's "photos" for decades stop falling for news bull
@dogukanxp : Dünya düzdür
@edgycamel : the earth is flat
@staswiz : Yes, the Earth is flat, but it is a disk.
@rafalostas : Photo shop... Earth is flat
@1kchris.yah : No stars wtf we aint dumb just stop
@rasit_tekin : Fake fake fakkeeeeeeee
@wosbox : Flat earth!
@padbrat_86 : 🤦‍♂️ I'm losing faith in humanity. All these flat darters and conspiracy theorist are to blame. We must have dull, miserable and empty lives
@dimsprmd : No star?
@royalspan1 : I may be biased, but mother Earth is spectacular as viewed from outer space as well on Earth...
@wajahat_khannew : Blue planet 🌎 earth nice photo
@mike_works : So sick of this toy ball u call earth🌍
@mike_works : no body believes its CGI but its clearly CGI,the erth aint that toy ball🌍
@daffabaihaqi7 : The space without stars, it's a joke? I just do not believe it until now, bro
@mattovey : Love our little blue planet
@quinn_welding5 : That's a nice boulder
@ttyoo_ : Where is the stars
@sedona4u : Home sweet home!
@lukexandertrotman : Coooooooooool
@maxxielovely : its fake...

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