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El Capitán State Beach

"I was given the honor and privilege of taking the NEW 12-24mm for a spin. With perfect clear skies forecasted I set out last night under the beauty of the Santa Barbara night sky to run it through the paces on the new A9. Let me tell you this, the ultra wide lens did not disappoint! Wide open @ f4 and so darn SHARP! The wait is finally over for a native ultra wide lens and, in my opinion, it will definitely be a great addition to the already ever growing line of Sony native lenses. " - . . A9 | 12-24mm f4 | 30seconds | f4 | ISO 6400 | Color balance Sunny

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@life.with.rob : So pretty 😀
@ceedbourne : Wonderful
@lamylad : So cool!!
@justasimpleniceguy : Only if I can afford this lens
@corentinsgn : What this thing ? 😮
@danboydoan : I have a 12-24 F4 Tokina and its great!
@jeyack_ : 💥
@dave.krugman : great shot!!
@nige_ki : Awesome! Have it preordered! Woooop! 👏👏👍🏻👏👏
@bonek1119 : I.WANT.THIS!!
@david.kraus : Wow love this
@satria_prawira : Hemm fix beli 12-24mm 😂
@abhi00743466 : I just want this camera a9 or a7
@wewendeh : hahaha mahal modalnya bang
@byfubar : Nice one
@thecamerachaos : 👌🏾👌🏾
@birdisthename : Great pic !
@erast.a : Gorgeous
@__nager__ : super
@tupacn : Awesome
@girlborntotravel : This is incredible 😍
@illkoncept : Love what you guys are doing for your team and community 💯
@mantracoldpressed : 🔹👌🏻🔹
@officialjhoward : A7rii + Gmaster 24-70 lens for sale
@edison_altre : 😍😍😍😍🤙
@todayinireland : Wow! You should try it at the Kerry Dark Sky silver reserve in Southwest Ireland, next!
@vegardphotography : Amazing what they can do nowadays!
@corygazai : likin' this one 👌

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