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How would you escape in case of a volcanic eruption? 🌋 🚲: Markus Stöckl downhill

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@anurajgarud : Koool Brothee! Great
@itsthegreatwhite : What bike that be ?
@lukeblazevic : That guy is wearing a Metallica Tee 🤘💀👊
@harr_robin : He almost died when he went for there record because the bike he had didn't have suspension and the fork snapped
@gvs9000 : 104mil's 👏👏👏
@jackson_3103 : Respect earnt
@zy_wise : Bravo
@grsayer : Speed ratings on bike tyres next?
@carl_sayer : Imagine coming off at that speed
@joemerri : watch towards the end.. pretty sure thats Tony x
@maryamparand66 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍
@ronianfrare : imagina o rola rssss
@thebannon : nutter! well played. ;)
@juelisp : 95 kmh lol
@jphendrix : G h$ h h
@fernandomatamala90 : 犬の世界のすべての卵!
@juanolcina : His face was cool when he saw the penalty fee in the dataphone!!!
@diesel_smoke_jesse : that's 103miles per hour!!!!!!
@jessyfaucher : C le volcan du Nicaragua 😘
@alfiesup : I've seen this before the first time his frame broke in the front landing him in the hospital. Gotta give him credit for doing it again. Great testament to the human spirit.
@dan.511 : your front wheel was wobbly
@nechaev0044 : А потом он поехал на другом велеке и тот развалился он сламал почти все себе и у него амнезия
@frankmayo22 : me all day on my bike
@patrick__hartl : Jop ist glaub ich ne gute Variante 😂💪
@sk8ilichsdc : esto fue en mi pais

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