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Can you keep a secret? just became our newest girl crush.

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@detroit._.vee : MiMi😍✨
@queenbunnytail : What size is she wearing
@juaaanie : I guess you got the bootleg version?
@bkjazzygirl : I don't have one yet lol
@danakhairi : thats the one i told you about
@theonlycaliofficial : Will definitely get one
@aspencer_ : this backless, strapless bra looks amazing!
@candicealvita_makeup : How does it stay on your tits tho 👀 i need this
@dananji101 : still waiting for mine to get delivered to Srilanka ❤
@prettygirlrock2013 : She has a boob job
@pinkdiamonddiva26 : this bra sis but i got it in bkack
@dymondzandstarz : dont look to bad here lol..
@tracyann04 : this is the bra amanda and I were telling you about Sunday night
@goreth_davis : yaaaa eyy também já tenho visto quero bestellar um agora não sei de onde
@dilma_silva : vai no ig deles, lá tem a pág. Aproveita que está on sale, custa 36€
@renz_shorty : What's the cost?
@butleradrienne209 : I'm a 34DDD will this work on me??
@fabulash.eyelashes : I just don't see a difference
@pattymae54 : Beautiful
@casual_awesomeness : Can we get some woman with natural breast please!!!
@benzclubru : Наебалово кругом
@thapoeticone : I wish I had a $1 for every one of these videos up. I'd be well off 😄🤦‍♂️
@sneakyvaunt : we're having a sale, so our push ups are now $39.20USD each. Check them out at!
@sneakyvaunt : you should def be able to achieve the results that you're wanting. We have heaps of girls who are normally DDD rockin' our push up!
@myjourn_krt : What a creepy video. She should have played music.
@charbeanie11 : Do these only work if u have either small or fake breast? Please lmk...

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