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Can you keep a secret? just became our newest girl crush.

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@wesley_dantas090 : O lá em casa
@oldfirebruno : vc precisa dessa parada
@sneakyvaunt : A full list of our materials can be found under Care Instructions on our website
@grindofficialblog : what do you think of these everybody's been promoting?
@grindofficialblog : I need to see you demonstrate. Lol
@millianajustyn : Hmm how do they stay on on boobs without strings
@sneakyvaunt : our push ups come extra sticky, so once they're on, you'll be feeling secure all night long!
@this.fitgirl.ish : Yep. Have that. Lol
@karla_87_91 : ive been wanting to buy it does it really work??
@this.fitgirl.ish : There's so many different companies who sells them that it really just depends. Mines suits my daughter well but not me. Her bosoms are bigger than mine, sadly😔
@keineisha_dorrough : If you hv big boobs, does this only work if theyre fake?
@vera0350 : c trop pratique
@allensmommy2012 : Where can I find these and how much do they go for?
@xoxo__dianne : it has some type of pad that sticks to your boo s
@uncle.fade : her sex tape was sum seriohs
@luv_me_some_sexy : Really Mimi? I'm going to try them. I pray it works 👙
@heleneviki : sjå ko køft an fær
@c_a_liigirl : They always have implants or size A cups
@badgal.deeee : babe this one 😭
@itsmemarissa_ : Realmente necesito esto en mi vida chicas 🤔
@emilydelamare : I'm just not sure these work as well as it says
@supergooch53 : We'll buy one and see
@emilydelamare : you buy one and I'll try it
@black_chyna12 : But they fake they automatically sit up. Do some with big boobs

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