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Camp out looking over the natural cliffs and be in almost total seclusion in the Black Ridge Canyon Wilderness of Western . | Learn more on - 📷

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@evergreenplayground : We'll Sherpa in the beers and guitars
@aquaestela : Yesss! 🙌🏽
@meladysun : Colorado 🙌🏽
@_lojasmund : Literally was looking at this same view last week
@itsjust_gary : when we going!?
@_lojasmund : I love western Colorado
@whereintheworldlukeerin : Perfect! As long as its not too windy!
@my_world_registry : Great spot!
@austinbwalker : Awesome shot! : wasn't hardly any wind! Perfect weather the whole time
@wanderer_rachel : Aw man. The dream campsite
@fitbackpacker : Camping goals! 😍⛰
@monicainnewwest : i wanna go here
@whereintheworldlukeerin : that's awesome! Such a beautiful spot
@christynkotb : I was down in that canyon last week. Got a little rain, but it was Utopia.
@mrae10 : Is this Mcinnis??
@tomerbella : Absolutely Stunning
@rchy_ochoa : all I want
@dariusdream : Great setup
@natiqmemmedzade : Beautiful
@nestbyegoe : Awesome
@vacation_earth : Beautiful!
@globaltravelgram : Beautiful!
@hlovesc_com : This is on point! 😍👌🏼 : basically, yeup! Called it Black Ridge cuz it was a little more specific
@richyfeet : What a place to camp!
@aimeebianca : let's plan a trip!!
@mrae10 : it's such a great place! Barely any people whenever we go

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