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This is their practice off the mat. How does yoga show up in your life? (Swipe left to see more).

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@lululemon : Sounds like you've got a great perspective. Thanks for using it to care for others.
@lululemon : Focus on one small step at a time and you'll be suprised with the results. Thanks for sharing your practice.
@lululemon : We're all in this together. Thanks for sharing your practice.
@jellochello : notice how lulu will reply to everyone but you? HAHAHAHAHAHAA
@chandluhhhhhhh : This is the coolest thing congrats Maddie
@lululemon : Hey , fast and free's have a special place in our hearts, too.
@shop_modish : Yassss
@superiorvacyyc : Awesome :D
@tarproductions : We are huge fans of this piece 🙌🏽🙏🏼 Outstanding job.
@miss_zeinab_ss : 😃😃😃
@revajariwala : hey I love this company! but not the price!!
@lululemon : Thanks for the love—every detail of our gear is crafted to ensure peak performance which is reflected in the price. There aren’t any shortcuts and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
@aliseyf__ : This afternoon I dealt with one of your online staff. The best customer service I have EVER had.
@lululemon : That's absolute music to our ears. Who can we thank for all the kind words?
@aliseyf__ : in the chat, the representative's name was Dakota. Excellent customer service representative.
@lululemon : We'll send Dakota a big high-five
@lululemon : We pride ourselves on creating long lasting garments and we stand behind the quality of our product. Feel free to send us a DM on Twitter or a private message on Facebook so we can chat further.
@foxtly : :)
@matei_81 : Sexy. Who directed?
@lululemon : We partnered with Virtue who share our ideals and aspirations.
@isabelleebrowne : Ahhhh THE test truck is in Minnesota!!
@lululemon : Will you be joining us?
@asikaa604 : Jian stoked to see you still practicing
@lululemon : See you soon.
@crossfitsanclemente : Hi, I was curious about your trainer discounts. Do you guys still offer it?
@lululemon : We suggest to pop into your local store to have a further chat about any opportunities.
@crossfitsanclemente : that's awesome! I will and I just have one more question. Could I use my trainer discount to gift one of my athlete's of the month a piece of clothing from you guys? I think more of my clients should use you.
@lululemon : At this time, we don't offer that option. It's best to chat with your local store to see if you meet the requirements for our Sweat Collective program.
@crossfitsanclemente : okay, thank you!
@emnetmulugeta : While I applaud the message of this campaign it is a shame that nowhere do you guys acknowledge that it is the art of Capoeira that is shown in the "Practice of Nonviolence" spot. While people watching the other ads will know what is depicted, most will not know of capoeira. Which is a shame and disrespectful to this beautiful artform.
@lululemon : Thanks for bringing this to our attention—we understand where you are coming from for not highlighting the art form—your feedback is important to us.

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