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When you’re , you don’t do anything halfway. The pop powerhouse likes to make a statement, and when it came time to head to the , she did it big. Go behind the scenes of her First Monday in May experience, from private jet to after-party, in the link in our bio. Video by , edited by Music: "Bon Appétit" by , featuring

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@mrfashiontraveller : I love you, Oh, wait! 😂😂😂😂
@pablo_ro_to : Perfect
@zilcodasilva : 🤔🤔
@fantalicious_cuzcospirit : Awesome!!😘😘
@ninachristian8635 : Awww😍😍💙
@blairkizner : 💯💯💯
@nsmakeupartists : I feel a break down coming on 😖
@collenoff : Satins puppet
@collenoff : mK ultra
@stiney116 : Luv u but please grow your hair please 😢
@riyalizingfashion : 😍😍😍
@rachellronson : Taking Lady Gaga's Place on her former trend of extreme!! Just saying!! 😏
@rachellronson : BTW I loved her former self!!
@hadpal : emsalam shabihe toe 😂asan hamash az to copy mikone style esho
@bdanielae : VE SU PERROOOOOO
@hpills84 : That poor puppy.
@stefanie_hof_ : 👌🏻
@thetrunchbulll : God she's a joke
@jennelle.tejeda : "don't do anything halfway" except make music
@gurmegezgin : 🦋🙋🏻
@ronyalwin : ❤️❤️❤️
@moda_umysl : 🆒🌹🆒
@jjohnette : Look at what finger the red nail is going on..
@katrina_o : I had the sound off and swore this was Justin Bieber until she had eye shadow on in the car...
@joseluiszamudiojr : It's sad nobody likes her anymore. Lol.
@lydiaqueen5516 : when will visit GZ😘😘😘
@lee.joseph.84 : that dog! 😂😂
@aaronh468 : I want to be it
@shannonsuo : Who else thought this was Justin Bieber ?
@yungabuelita : so she's justin bieber, ratchet miley cyrus, and OG lady gaga aesthetic all in one ? someone please stop her lmao
@16hanane : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@bri_breezi : what is wrong with her

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