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Guess the strain of cannabis in the photo above. . As you know, I'm having a contest to bring four lucky winners to my exclusive 4th of July barbecue on Celebrity Row in Malibu. . I'm taking your most creative comments and putting them into four boxes, one from each section of the country. . Remember, keep commenting on all of my posts for more chances to win. . *** SPECIAL ENTRY ALERT *** . So, guess the strain of cannabis in the photo above. . Correct guesses receive TWO ADDITIONAL ENTRIES into the random drawing. . Click the link in bio to learn more.

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@jrandall89 : This must be and this comes to me after long consideration...Bruce banner number 7
@chris.obx : You the man, Big Mike!!! 🤤
@renonaranjo : Luvly nugz;)
@renonaranjo : Colorado
@renonaranjo : Blue dream
@babyboyblu82 : Granddaddy purple
@traci.zamora : Orange Jasmine, pretty nugs 💗
@cielosview : Mmmmm .... I'm guessing gorilla glue 😍😍
@joemamma420 : Strawberry kush
@tjay_lso : Super lemon haze
@jaycruz5 : I don't know if this offer is still up but I work a lot so I try to make time while I smoke to jump on here BUT Ima go with Orange Jasmine
@britishguy007 : u always get good weed amazing women
@kinghumbleone : I just wana stick it in my nose so i can smell it all day and i personaly love your backround
@13longway : That would be the jager
@sbedoya8384 : It looks like Gorilla Glue, one of my favorites 💚💚
@sir_davicci : Big mike og private reserve!! making dreams come true. Im 19 but i smoke for "medical purposes"know what im sayin? Id like to dip my face in yo private reserves.
@josh_mears_ : Some sort of OG. Either way looks amazing mike
@ryankukowski : Booba kush
@bandzboiirichh : White widow
@liroos420 : I'm not going to guess the bus endless I taste the bud
@chaasseeeee : TANGIEEEEE 🍊🍊🍊🍊
@_olicarlyle_ : Vanilla kush
@josh_mears_ : Bama og
@xox_shirleysim : Indica blueberry smash.
@kash__daddy : Strawberry Diesel!
@caleb_peabody : Gorilla glue
@bigdixiedabber : Big Bud
@cce.danny : It looks like sunset sherbet
@chirutaerika : schaut aus wie Schimmel
@thamenacechris : Even though im too late looks like deathstar or a cross of it

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