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Guess the strain of cannabis in the photo above. . As you know, I'm having a contest to bring four lucky winners to my exclusive 4th of July barbecue on Celebrity Row in Malibu. . I'm taking your most creative comments and putting them into four boxes, one from each section of the country. . Remember, keep commenting on all of my posts for more chances to win. . *** SPECIAL ENTRY ALERT *** . So, guess the strain of cannabis in the photo above. . Correct guesses receive TWO ADDITIONAL ENTRIES into the random drawing. . Click the link in bio to learn more.

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@karbia23 : Kush not sire specifics though
@karbia23 : Terror herer
@beli935 : Boobie Kush?? πŸ˜…πŸ˜œ
@_murphhyy_ : OG kush or super lemon haze
@chamberlain_franklin : Girl Scout Cookies
@caide_woods : Orange jasmine?
@themaenzalife : I'm gonna go with either a Larry og or possibly a Skywalker but either way this bud looks beautiful great job on the grow. I would love to know what program you use and how you get this amazing yields. Love your page by the way. You'll be seeing me soon wether it be at the bbq or we run into each other but it will happen.
@33.ajk : STOCKTON,CA
@boyohbru : Gorilla glue
@chris_edwards91 : Girl scout cookies is what I think
@exg_godsmack : FireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
@rawonlycalilivin_ : Coming soon to Cali from " Breakfast, breast and bud" what else do you need
@cj_cowart : White widow
@jrandall89 : This must be and this comes to me after long consideration...Bruce banner number 7
@chris.obx : You the man, Big Mike!!! 🀀
@renonaranjo : Luvly nugz;)
@renonaranjo : Colorado
@renonaranjo : Blue dream
@babyboyblu82 : Granddaddy purple
@traci.zamora : Orange Jasmine, pretty nugs πŸ’—
@cielosview : Mmmmm .... I'm guessing gorilla glue 😍😍
@joemamma420 : Strawberry kush
@txjayy : Super lemon haze
@jaycruz5 : I don't know if this offer is still up but I work a lot so I try to make time while I smoke to jump on here BUT Ima go with Orange Jasmine
@britishguy007 : u always get good weed amazing women
@bretttshirt : OG Kush
@kingtakeiteasy : I just wana stick it in my nose so i can smell it all day and i personaly love your backround

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