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Of course we vaunt it in heels this high, it's not easy getting to our level.

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@mimi_4_short47 : Cute Shoe 👌🏾 do it come in other colors?
@tastemaiden : Details on this shoe?? 😍
@flaviaf99 : Quick question, after washing the bra, do I let it air dry first and then apply the plastic back? And also when washing it do I rub it or do I just let the water on it?
@sneakyvaunt : yup, give it a gentle rub, let it air dry completely and then stick the plastic back on the cups!
@flaviaf99 : also some cotton from my shirt got caught onto the sticky part, and it won't come off? Will it come off with water ?
@sneakyvaunt : it def should!
@i_fai1995 : Are you shipping worldwaid??
@mint_julep8 : I would like to know about the shoe too. ...
@sneakyvaunt : Yeah, We ship almost everywhere in the world. Be sure to check our FAQ's for all delivery deets!
@vianela95 : En cuanto la tiene?
@jeannierailey73 : Where can I get those shoes

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