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writer is currently in where she captured the unmistakable pastel colours of in watercolours. If you could draw any destination, where would you choose? 

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@kate.dalencar : ☺️ well done - express passionately 🙏🏽
@rhiannah_j : 🤗❤️ : I miss this ❤️
@dee.625 : Lol
@irantouristdriver : Come and vist iran 😉❤️
@walkaboottravel : How cute is her mini painting!! I really want to go there 😻😻
@c_hemp89 : beautiful place with my beautiful😍
@jonathongobbo : So beautiful!
@mariodevaldivia : Original y hermosa composición fotográfica. Saludos.
@d4rr3n_l1f3 : ♥♥♥
@wow.explorer : good shot!
@swingandbliss : Beautifully done 💕
@thepinoyjuanderer : Number 5 on my ohhhh
@domyflory : Great picture
@marmaladeking : 😭 I wish we were here again rn
@annevalladares7014 : So beautiful 😍🙌🏻🙌🏻💙
@taylor.j.garrett : Headed there in a couple hours!
@sikookai : Stunning shot💛💖❤️💚
@lets_go_gamble : Canals in Amsterdam
@darling_diaries : I'm going there in two weeks!! Can't wait 🙃
@jahan_1998 : Wonderful❤👌
@ideeanne : My ultimate dream vacation is to have breakfast with my husband in a hotel balcony overlooking the Amalfi coast in Positano Italy! ✨
@boonskeez : 😍😍😍
@scubamarkh : My pal Flavio has an apartment hear never been but it looks fantastic
@lesmaisonsduvoyage : Beautiful !
@mlscott55 : Was there in early September last year. Remarkable! Take a tour of the area by boat for the full breath taking views. Worth going to. Would love to go back as missed a few things to do.
@marcedorovira : Tomorrow I will arribe
@donnyx.o : Cool
@ryugakujohokan : Wow 💦
@vjoyh : cool👌🏼

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