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Before and after dream brightening creamy concealer. You can't deny the result! Look instantly more awake with brighter under eyes with this cream concealer.

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@miisspm : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@lailanasaruddin : Bring it on to malaysia pleaseeeee 😍😍😍
@cumbie_kaitlyn : Aspiring MUA! Check out my YouTube channel, link is in my bio 💋
@j.xssica_ : Ahahah I can't see the difference
@only_sumaiya : Ohh wwwww
@raindaisyy : Love 😍😍
@makeup_by_geoandchar : Ooooh are these available in the UK?♡♡
@myriamghannam : She barely had dark circles
@blogbynevin : 💛💛
@manasi_adeshra : 😍❤️❤️
@angelashoobert : I couldn't noticed the difference lol
@carolinamachado16 : A diferença não é mt, mas está diferente 😂
@sleepycerealhoe44 : and unblended contour
@jasmenx3aj : I have all of maybellines concealers and they are EVERYTHING!! But I don't have this one. I need to get it.
@andreyaxx : Wow 😍😍💓
@paolamarrah : Brazil??
@katiramirezz : necesito dos de esos o más jaja! Que lindo tendremos que probar y más en julio 😟
@lipsticksnblushes : I need to try this 😍
@maybelline : this product is to brighten under eyes, not necessarily conceal dark circles. To conceal dark circles we recommend the new palette to color correct or instant age rewind concealer.
@whatshedidx : This looks so good
@damniehues : nybrasil por favor tragam p o Brasil corretivos e bases para pele BRANCA! NÃO EXISTEM APENAS MORENAS NO BRASIL!
@jordoush : . pas malll
@nanouchet : oui j'avoue !
@roshelle.flores : Looks dry
@sissi_ange_ : Yes best 😍😍

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