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Go the long way. No need to cut it short with distraction-free run gear—link in bio.

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@alliecat216 : Please make a short like the what the sport short but with more pockets! There was a race short you made this past fall but it was way too short but had pockets in all the right places for gels!!
@thenorthernsouthern : Great photo!
@lululemon : We hear you, those pockets are incredible. Sign up for our product notification emails to be the first to know if it makes a comeback:
@lululemon : Thanks for the feedback—our designers are eager to know what our guests would love to see.
@heyits_kami : More crescent tanks!!!
@jonmoskalik : bring back the men's "Core shorts" already!!!! That hip pocket is/was the most useful pocket for day to day phone use and workouts. The new pockets on men's shorts are useless near the traditional pocket AND can't even hold an iPhone 6/7 Plus!? Back to eBay for older models
@lululemon : Our designers are all ears—we'll be happy to share your words with them.
@lululemon : Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We'll let our designers know.
@liv_lowe : why are you not following this page
@em.noelle.kruger : ummmmhello of course I follow this page
@z.iiis : hllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo
@instahealthidlife : Just picked up two shirts on Monday love them👍💪 for all the workout people check out my page high quality supplements to go with high quality clothing👍
@ellisarhoades : Yes! I'm living for the chocolate model!! 👸🏾✨
@liv_lowe : it's about time you own the business
@shop_modish : Love this!
@lululemon : Thanks for the support.
@katieweed : 🔥
@kariellej : More hydrangea blue hotty hot shorts please!
@lululemon : Noted. When did you see these bad boys in-store?
@mrs_danielle394 : The fast and free bra in a army green color !
@lululemon : The Fast And Free Bra in dark olive? Yes please.
@mrs_danielle394 : I've never found a fitness clothing product that I've loved more than , completely durable and cute ! I Will continue to train and wear lulu!
@lululemon : Do you have a favourite go-to piece?
@mrs_danielle394 : Yes I have a pair of reversible leggings that are black on one side and a blueish grey on the other and I wear them Lmost every other day to the gym lol I wish I had another pair or 2 like them but I hadn't been able to afford a new lulu piece for awhile. The bra I got yesterday was given to be at a crossfit event
@lululemon : It was just meant to be.
@wen_wendeline : Fantastic wear. Even for ballet!! 😍
@kariellej : I saw them online a month ago, but the smaller sizes of that blue got snapped up before I could score a pair!
@lululemon : You never know what's coming your way in the future so keep an eye on the weekly product notification in case these beauties pop up again.
@beclothesminded : Love this all white look!
@denisecordesque : 😱😍
@diamondlifetraining : THIS gives me LIFE💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️❤️💪🏽❤️
@karinagfitness : 👌😊
@deanna.ruggiero : my favourite brand thanks so much babe

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