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"If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and businessperson, you must be willing to look outside of your niche. This is an enormous key to my success. There are ideas everywhere from all sorts of industries and people, and it is up to you to repurpose those ideas and put them to work for you. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts below."

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@rosier198 : 💯💯💯💯💯
@craftedherb : I think he's secretly a kingpin, thts what i think
@shereriley : 💪🖒
@andrebanks_ : Thanks
@theyogibear13 : I'm the journalist from that found and put together the story on General Hydroponics products being reviewed by the EPA for SLN on cannabis. I'd love to talk to you about your views and similar work.
@_randy_j : Thanks for the advice it's very relevant to my current season of life. 🤙🏼 Cheers!
@imsoohighrn : Always network , great advice
@bismichele : Except the President! He should only work for us, not be QVC .
@bismichele : The President also not bringing the enemy into our world and Military would be good.
@my360guys : Great tips n so true.
@keonechristopher : It's the total truth. I spent 10 years in the auto industry beginning as a Greeter and progressing my way to the General Sales Mgr spot. After all that time, I decided I want to do more with my life and provide more value to more people. Now I operate a Social Media Advertising company and this marketing business is just the 1st leg of what I want to do to expand on my ideas. If you can't get the word out, you've got nothing. And what better way to learn about multiple industries and meet people from all walks of life than to market for them?
@sean_stephen2210 : Salute to big mike
@deep_squirtle : Your a wise man mike!
@chanel.versteegen : 👽✨✨✨
@morgan_andrew2 : Aspiration Goals!!!
@ya_im_suri : Wooo✌👌
@callmemisterkral : Why I dont have my own aeroplane?!
@livninparadise : Love it! I always encourage people, my kids, to look outside the box every now and then. You'd be amazed at what's out there 🤙🏼
@paul_kornacki : Looking outside as you speak. The future is bright! Got plans of my own, and working on it!
@live_life_its_awesome : this is future you bro.....look at him
@ea_is.legendary : Giving me inspiration damn you a real one 💯
@mohamed.swidan : Wish to see you and be in your wonderful life 😢
@austin_lagrande : Thank you for your insight 🙌🏼
@jeffsantone : You must look outside the box. Everybody has great ideas and new methods of doing things
@mewtinator : Hey big mike!!!! I sent you a message with a possible genius idea for the cannabis industry! You know more than I do so I wanted to ask if you thought it was a valid idea that's work!!! I really hope you check it out and let me know what you think of it with your superb knowledge of the cannabis market
@officialdezzy_sms : Cannabis plus business equals success
@2muchpacks_ : thanks for the advice , also I need to read that book when you're done
@vonzyper : Love you for your business videos! They bring me so much hope for one day a potential Cannabis business me and my Wife can run while helping people and giving back to those who really need it.
@tamiscott100 : Love this video!
@josh_mears_ : appreciate all the info/knowledge you pass on to us followers! keep them coming!! !!

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