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Christian Louboutin - Paris

Enjoyed a moment at the before we wrapped up The Harper’s Bazaar 150 Years: The Greatest Moments book tour with a conversation between 's and

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@psychic_lovespells : 👍😍😻😍😍
@jrandallgladden : Love my Platinum card.
@beeftrash : last time I was there they didn't accept my Platinum card. You guys must do a better job. In my travels outside the US only 25% accepted my Platinum card.
@1hoffy : I got mine!
@jon_quinones : i want this card!
@shortytocute : This could be us
@agent_westcoast : Great way to use the Platinum card! 5x MR points per dollar for hotels. By the looks of it, that hotel is very expensive 💰💰💰.
@andreapugno : I am lucky enough to own my ⭐️Gold card today, but I will in the future in my life want to get to have 💰💰💰Platinum card!!!!!👍👍👍
@jspturgeon : I love my card !!!!!!
@americanexpress : Hi , Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our goal is to ensure that your Amex card is always welcomed where you shop and travel. We are making strides to travel along with you worldwide. Thank you for your membership.
@siari_ : ¿Que solo me pueden ofrecer una disculpa por llamar a cada rato buscando a una persona que no vive aquí ni conocemos? ¿Que no pueden dejar de hacer sus varias llamadas molestas hasta que el señor Alejandro Monroy actualice sus datos? ¡¡NO PINCHES M AMEN!! Ya les escribí aquí, por mensaje privado, por Twitter, por correo, ¿qué más necesitan para dejar de joder? 😡
@fariahno_sleep : Flight was delayed access to the lounges are just the best. Plantinum way to go
@teahjack : When are you going ? Not Run wait me.
@l.o.v.e_and_b.l.o.s.s.o.m.s : the perfect card for fashion bloggers 💜💜💜

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