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“I love my push up so much I had to get one in nude!” we get it, girl. Now it’s time to vaunt it.

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@sneakyvaunt : with out %20 sale our push ups are $39.20USD at until midnight tonight (EST in the US).
@sneakyvaunt : our push ups are $39.20USD until midnight tonight and we can ship to you in South Africa! Just head to
@sneakyvaunt : you can get all the deets on the FAQs page at
@queen_jafrances : I have 40 GGG would this work for me
@sneakyvaunt : our push up comes in sizes A-DD for now, girl.
@kingmike1225 : How can I get some for ma bae?
@jachamzz : How can I get this
@queen_jafrances : Awww man!!! Lol let me know when yall expend the size
@sneakyvaunt : kingmike1225 jachamzz just head to our website to place your order - check out the link in our bio.
@tahiom : 💕💕💕💕💕
@queen_shanata_sexy : Slide in my DM pls,I want
@daianinhahh : how to buy?
@susyrbarbosa : Preciso
@canaless19 : What sizes do y'all have them in?
@mpungw : How to buy I'm in Durban South Africa
@jazzywap : How much? And what sizes you have?
@buddy.88 : sizes from A-DD and cost 11-15USD
@fatima.b.nery : Quero um desse! meus seios estão pedindo... kkkk onde comprar?
@daenae : to hold what up tali????? ......."that making any sense?" )
@athaliahsamuel : meh chest 🙄🙄🙄🙄😩😩😂😂😂
@twilightreyes : European sizing and bras are made best in quality and in sizing. I am 30DD, well the last time I was measured anyways. Since my size is hard to find I have also worn 32D in good brands like Felina, DKNY, and so on. What size(s) would be good for me with the way you measure your cup sizes?
@twilightreyes : Suppose I'd want less coverage, more cleavage, but enough "support" .
@twilightreyes : Like if I get a C instead of a D will I get better cleavage with less coverage and the ability to wear a lower cut shirt or dress?
@sneakyvaunt : yup, our C cup should be totally fine for your girls!
@yasmilka_rodriguez : Lo venden en republica dominica oh no
@yuliani211613 : Lo tienes disponible para venezuela
@molerito28 : Disponible para Venezuela???
@lvsanchez86 : Where can I get one ir those?
@grazi_carvalho80 : Como comprar?? Brasil
@luziafonteles : Como faço para comprar ??
@reddflaminhot : How do I order mine ??
@mollegasjessica : Hola a cm las tienes xfa.
@donnarichard8807 : How do I order mine ???
@ledysmaryuri : Preció
@shicaher : Donde puedo comprarlo?

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