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“I love my push up so much I had to get one in nude!” we get it, girl. Now it’s time to vaunt it.

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@sneakyvaunt : our push up is $49USD and sold exclusively at
@hhaalleeyy15 : How many times can you wear these before the sticky stops working?
@sneakyvaunt : you should get 40+ wears if cared for properly, head to for all the deets.
@didiinma : How do I order?
@rosy_girl_ket : Eu quero como faço pra comprar?
@sneakyvaunt : No prob, just head over to to get your hands on our push up!
@montselc69 : Quiero uno que tengo que hacer??
@sneakyvaunt : just take a peek at the comment above girl.
@athaliahsamuel : Bring them Trinidad I need to have me one or two
@classy_lady_paschalbarbara : How do I order these please
@betty_booobs : I c a lot of women promoting this master piece but is it just for women with smaller breast 38DD
@gislane_nane : Como eu faço para comprar??
@sneakyvaunt : order at and we'll ship straight to you!
@sneakyvaunt : no probs, we offer sizes A-DD, so we've got you covered!
@zainksl : How can I order a size 38 DD?
@emmanuella_boro : Am in Nigeria how do I get this
@nmgnelly : I need one ,where can I purchase it in SA
@thembi_sikhakhane : How much? I'd love 2 order.....i'm in Durban
@iamdenisetheblogger : Need these!
@tee_bmazwi : Where can I purchase it in SA? I really want it and how much does it cost?
@d.owami : How much is it?
@tshepomokaba : when will different shades of nude be available?
@tee_mog : Hi, how do I place an order?
@shacarataylor : How much would these be
@sneakyvaunt : Our push ups are on sale for $39.20! Head to the link in our bio to get your order in.
@natynatitto : Hola me encanto este producto me gustaría saber si lo puedo comprar desde santiago de chile, ya que vivo aquí...espero su respuesta un abrazo .
@love_that_one_always : I need these
@nene2dye4 : Why don't yall make sizes for people wit fuller breast?
@_empress_tk : it looks like it sticks around your breast not the nipple
@vintage_kat : Ahhhh yes yes, starting to make sense now 🤔🤔
@helen_souza24_ : Quanto? Como faço para comprar?
@mafia.shvt : How much
@christaldenise1 : Right because I'm slim but my shits are huge..I'm not a double D 😔

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