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teaching the world her ways and we can take full credit for it.

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@pinkbombg : We need this.
@rennntyler : So are you guys gonna show a tutorial using a model with bigger breasts or?
@sneakyvaunt : We have girls of all shapes and sizes on our Insta page , just have a scroll through, girl!
@taylorbeyrouthy : if you're a DDD don't buy it. I got a D and it doesn't stick and just falls off so I don't think it's meant for big boobs
@hxneybxbe : I was thinking of getting one, I'm a DD. Does this work for big boobs or nah?
@sneakyvaunt : We just got our DD push ups in stock , we're all about achieving maxi-sexy cleavage though not designed for a lot of support. If you're game, head to the link in our bio!
@jackie970 : How long does it take to ship to the U S
@sneakyvaunt : it takes approx 5-7 working days to ship within the US or 1-3 working days if you select priority shipping for $5.95USD.
@jackie970 : Thats awesome not much waiting time,,i like how u always respond quickly and efficiently ..Thank you...
@shellyellen : I was just wondering if you ship to Ireland xx also how many wears do you get out of it? kind regards Michelle xx
@sneakyvaunt : yeah girl! We can def ship to Ireland! And if you show your SV some love you should get 40+ wears!
@gomez1317 : we need to get our bestie one of these !!!
@anjellyandrade : Omg yes!! Buying it to send as a gift! 😉
@salas.m98 : What if you don't know your cup size cause I have different cup sizes for different brands but I really want to get one of these !!
@salas.m98 : Well from Victoria secret I'm a DD but at other stores im a D
@sneakyvaunt : we'd suggest sticking with your normal D cup!
@mssashaelaine : Omggg 🎉I so need this 😳
@annatran_0268 : Do they have padding in them ?
@fitnesss_mermaid : 😍 need
@sneakyvaunt : no, our push ups are designed to bring your girls together for some maxi-sexy cleavage. No extra padding needed!
@peipitoo93 : il faut ke sa soit comme sa et moi cest pas le cas
@mollyisobellam : backless and cleev!
@_alecora : I need!!!
@princeesssssm__ : This is the first person I've seen this thing make a difference for
@ish_tae : Do u ship to Australia?
@jessicamaepro_ : I need this. 😩🙈
@yuliz1206 : Like ❤️❤️
@sneakyvaunt : we sure do! Head to our website and we'll hook you up!

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