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teaching the world her ways and we can take full credit for it.

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@ish_tae : Do u ship to Australia?
@jessicamaepro_ : I need this. 😩🙈
@yuliz1206 : Like ❤️❤️
@sneakyvaunt : we sure do! Head to our website and we'll hook you up!
@jen__sha : is it reusable
@s_p_i_t_z : - rhetta boobies
@lulubery_princess_lulu : I'm in SA Dbn where to buy this
@sneakyvaunt : jen__sha def, if shown some love you should get 40+ wears out of your SV.
@sneakyvaunt : lulubery_princess_lulu you can just place your order on our website - check out the link in our bio.
@yarii_cardona : Que precio?
@luluborjas : lo que necesitamos para todas las blusas
@lil_swole87 : Hey made me think of you
@mafaldaviajada : Quiero unas asi
@_maisahfarid : check the page out
@nn977920 : Yo good
@satir.evo : Coment ton ketru il tien frer c chelou
@amyehnle : try it and let me know!!! ;)
@pauleflove311 : we were talking about this at the mega meet
@goodbyebrokegirl : hey sis something you might want to carry in your store. Let's talk soon about a unique way I may be able to help you with marketing. DM
@underwearjunction : bro naomba unsaidie kuidownload hii
@abd_hd007 : 😈😈😈😈
@sneakyvaunt : our push ups are $49 USD. Check us out at
@becelli : Snäckan vill du ha en sån här? Jag köpte en men den är alldeles för stor för mig 😒
@looouiiiseeee : jaaaa tack😍
@nia_lmds : mira lo que son!

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